[Wii] mGBA v0.8 beta 1

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[Wii] mGBA v0.8 beta 1

Message par Cid2Mizard » 24 oct. 2019 16:35


endrift propose la version 0.8 beta 1 de "mGBA", portage de son émulateur Game Boy Advance pour la nintendo Wii.

The following changes were made between 0.7.3 and 0.8 beta 1:


Improved logging configuration
One-Player BattleChip/Progress/Beast Link Gate support
Add Game Boy Color palettes for original Game Boy games
Debugger: Add unary operators and memory dereferencing
GB: Expose platform information to CLI debugger
Support Discord Rich Presence
Debugger: Add tracing to file
Enhanced map viewer, supporting bitmapped GBA modes and more displayed info
OpenGL renderer with high-resolution upscaling support
Experimental high level “XQ” audio for most GBA games
Interframe blending for games that use flicker effects
Frame inspector for dissecting and debugging rendering
Switch: Option to use built-in brightness sensor for Boktai
Ports: Ability to enable or disable all SGB features (closes #1205)
Ports: Ability to crop SGB borders off screen (closes #1204)
Cheats: Add support for loading Libretro-style cht files
GBA Cheats: Add support for loading EZ Flash-style cht files
Support for unlicensed Wisdom Tree Game Boy mapper
Qt: Add export button for tile view (closes #1507)
Qt: Add recent game list clearing (closes #1380)
GB: Yanking gamepak now supported
Qt: Memory range dumping (closes #1298)

Emulation fixes:

GB: Fix using boot ROM with MMM01 games
GB Audio: Only reset channel 3 sample in DMG mode
GB Audio: Sample inactive channels (fixes #1455, mgba.io/i/1456)
GB Audio: Fix channel 4 volume (fixes #1529)
GB I/O: Filter IE top bits properly (fixes #1329)
GB Memory: Better emulate 0xFEA0 region on DMG, MGB and AGB
GB Video: Delay LYC STAT check (fixes #1331)
GB Video: Fix window being enabled mid-scanline (fixes #1328)
GB Video: Fix mode 0 window edge case (fixes #1519)
GB Video: Fix color scaling in AGB mode
GBA: All IRQs have 7 cycle delay (fixes #539, mgba.io/i/1208)
GBA: Reset now reloads multiboot ROMs
GBA BIOS: Fix multiboot entry point (fixes Magic Floor)

Other fixes:

Core: Improved lockstep driver reliability (Le Hoang Quyen)
FFmpeg: Drain recording buffers
GB: Fix reading ROM immediately after unmapping BIOS
GB SIO: Fix lockstep failing games aren’t reloaded
GBA Cheats: Fix value incrementing in CB slide codes (fixes #1501)
Libretro: Fix crash changing allowing opposing directions (hhromic)
Qt: Fix some Qt display driver race conditions
Qt: Fix menu bar staying hidden in full screen (fixes #317)
Qt: Only show emulator restart warning once per settings saving
Qt: Fix LibraryController initialization (fixes #1324)
Shaders: Fix gba-color shader resolution (fixes #1435)
Switch: Fix audio when video rate desyncs (fixes #1532)


CMake: Don’t use libzip on embedded platforms (fixes #1527)
Core: Add keysRead callback
Core: Create game-related paths if they don’t exist (fixes #1446)
Core: Add more memory search ops (closes #1510)
Debugger: Make tracing compatible with breakpoints/watchpoints
Debugger: Print breakpoint/watchpoint number when inserting
Feature: Switch from ImageMagick to FFmpeg for GIF generation
FFmpeg: Support audio-only recording
GB Memory: Support running from blocked memory
GBA BIOS: Add timings for HLE BIOS math functions (fixes #1396)
GBA BIOS: Fix clobbered registers in CpuSet (fixes #1531)
GBA Savedata: EEPROM performance fixes
GBA Savedata: Automatically map 1Mbit Flash files as 1Mbit Flash
Debugger: Add breakpoint and watchpoint listing
LR35902: Support PC-relative opcode decoding
mGUI: Remember name and position of last loaded game
OpenGL: Only resize textures when needed
Qt: Don’t unload ROM immediately if it crashes
Qt: Support switching webcams
Qt: Cap window size on start to monitor size
Qt: Open a message box for Qt frontend errors
Qt: Increase maximum magnifications and scaling
Qt: Add native FPS button to settings view
Qt: Improve sync code
Qt: Add option to pause on minimizing window (closes #1379)
Qt: Scale pixel color values to full range (fixes #1511)
Qt: Remove What’s This icon from dialogs
Qt: Printer quality of life improvements (fixes #1540)
Qt: Add copy and QoL improvements to graphic views (closes #1541)
Qt: Show list of all sprites in sprite view
Qt: Add option for disabling OSD messages
Qt, OpenGL: Disable integer scaling for dimensions that don’t fit
Switch: Dynamic display resizing
Switch: Support file associations
Vita: L2/R2 and L3/R3 can now be mapped on PSTV (fixes #1292)

Téléchargement :
mGBA v0.8 beta 1.7z
Source : mgba.io


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