[SWITCH] Xash3D v0.1.0=>0.4.0

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[SWITCH] Xash3D v0.1.0=>0.4.0

Message par Cid2Mizard » 11 nov. 2018 12:42

Mats propose la version 0.1.0 puis 0.4.0 de "Xash3D", portage du moteur de jeu open source "Xash3D" pour la nintendo Switch.

This was NOT ported by me, it was ported by Mats who gave me the go-ahead to make this thread.

This is a port of Xash3D to the Nintendo Switch. It is an open-source re-implementation of Valve's Goldsrc engine. To put it simply, this allows you to play Half-Life on your Nintendo Switch.


Xash3D Engine is a custom Gold Source engine rewritten from scratch. Xash3D is compatible with many of the Gold Source games and mods and should be able to run almost any existing singleplayer Half-Life mod without a hitch. The multiplayer part is not yet completed, multiplayer mods should work just fine, but bear in mind that some features may not work at all or work not exactly the way they do in Gold Source Engine.


Drop the nro downloaded from releases file in your /switch folder
Get a copy of half life that contains the valve folder.
Make a xash3d on the root of your SD card and copy the valve game folder into there.
Download the extras.pak files from https://github.com/FWGS/xash-extras/releases and put it in the valve folder for all the menu assets.



Make sure the /valve/ folder you copy across is a clean folder as existing config files may cause graphical issues.


While Blue Shift and Opposing Force should start, they are unlikely to be completable at this point due custom entities unique to those games being missing.
This port does currently suffer from long pauses during level loading, saving and loading due to slow file operations. You can reduce the instances of long pauses by disabling auto-saving. Open config.cfg and add 'sv_autosave 0'. You will have to remember to save manually, but this will result in no pauses when auto-saving and thus a smoother experiences.


v0.4 :
All the nro's have been renamed to ease the process of adding new games and making it easier to port new dlls, please delete all the half-life-*.nro's
The game switching implementation should be a lot more flexible now and you should be able to keep the nro's where you want as long as you keep them together
Mods should now work as expected as long as they do not contain custom entities / weapons or other specialized code put in a dll file
Opposing force should be fixed
Various fixes and improvements to stability

Note: There are still performance issues, so do not expect a stable fps at 60

v0.3 :
Blue Shift / Opposing Force builds has been ported and added to the build system
The Custom Game menu should not crash anymore, but it will only work if all the nro's are in the /switch directory and are not renamed.

v0.2.1 :
There should be no more crashes after quitting from the menu back to the hbmenu

v0.2 :
The timestamp of saves are now saved into a own file as a temporarily workaround until libnx gains timestamps. (Now you will go back to the last autosave when you die instead of having to start over)
Increased the buffer for file copies, this makes saving in some cases multiple times faster
Fixed the screenshots for saves being broken due to the dynamic resolution system
More work trying to fix crashes (hbmenu will still crash when you quit from the mainui, this is being worked on)
Added a working icon
Téléchargement :
(NRO ) : half-life-xash3d v0.4.0.rar
Source : gbatemp.net
Site Officiel : github.com


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