[SWITCH] JKSV v062518

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[SWITCH] JKSV v062518

Message par Cid2Mizard » 27 juin 2018 8:00

J-D-K propose l'utilitaire JKSV dans une version pré-release, manager de sauvegardes basé sur JKSMK pour la nintendo Switch.


JKSV for Switch. Mostly to get used to libnx. Reuses a lot of code of JKSM for 3DS.


JKSV still needs some work, but I've decided to add another pre-release since there has been a lot of progress and bug fixes:

Text wrapping has been more-or-less fixed. Though, some minor bugs may remain
The keyboard still needs to be improved a bit. It can be controlled using the touchscreen or controller.
Left Stick caps letters
Y is backspace
X is space
Plus is confirm
I have added "Adv. Mode", or a more advanced option to the folder menu. Pressing Minus will open a mini file explorer with the selected game's data on the left and your SD on the right.
A selects a folder an opens it
B goes back up a directory
X opens a small menu of options to move files between devices. The device currently selected is written at the top of this menu.
ZL and ZR change which menu is currently being controlled.
I have moved the 'JKSV' folder from root to the switch folder and named it '.JKSV'. This is to prevent clutter and hide it from the hbmenu.

Unfortunately, until I get my usual testers in on this, I will probably not feel confident enough to make a non pre-release. That's just how I am.


Pre-release 6/15/2018-beta

Early release. Usable, but:

Text wrapping is broken
No cache currently - Still planning how this will work.
Keyboard still needs work.

You're using this at your own risk. I have personally had zero issues, but I can't possibly guarantee that will be true for all.

Téléchargement :
(NRO) : JKSV v062518.zip
Source : github.com


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