[3DS] GodMode9 v1.5.0=>1.5.1

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[3DS] GodMode9 v1.5.0=>1.5.1

Message par Cid2Mizard » 01 janv. 2018 10:16


d0k3 propose la version 1.5.0 puis 1.5.1 de "GodMode9", explorateur de fichier (Nand/EmuNand) disposant de tous les droits pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS.

Well, that was quick. Also a good lesson on what happens when you do a release with a fixed deadline.

As some of you mentioned, the last release had a bug which caused CIAs generated from .3DS files to be padded. As neither GM9 nor FBI can handle padded CIA (for good reason, working around this is not trivial), a new release is warranted, with some goodies on top. If you created CIAs from .3DS with v1.5.0, I suggest you redo them with v1.5.1. Also, everyone please update.

This is new:

[fixed] Building proper CIAs from 3DS files
[scripting] New HelloBranching.gm9 sample script by Kazuma77
[scripting] New strrep, fdummy and fill commands
[scripting] New not command (best used as in if not ..., elif not ...)
[scripting] filesel command now also allows browsing dirs

For the scripting stuff, I suggest you take a look into HelloScript.gm9, which you'll find inside the samples directory. Thanks for pointing out that bug go to (among others) TurdPooCharger, @CecilFF4 and u/timchenw.

Just in time for a last 2017 update, here's another major one. This is new:

[new] Full support for DSiWare Exports / .TAD files (thanks @ihaveamac for help)
[new] Limited .GBA rom image support (title info / renaming)
[new] Title info support for a .3DSX
[new] File attribute editor (thanks @angelsl)
[new] aeskeydb.bin can be installed to NAND, eliminating the need to have it on the SD card
[improved] Improved string input tool, now with alphabet preview
[improved] Write permission unlocker now uses random button sequences
[improved] PCX support for splash bitmaps, reducing GM9 .firm size (thanks @Wolfvak)
[improved] Slightly tweaked bootloader
[improved] Additional entries in system info
[improved] New battery color scheme (thanks @JoshuaDoes)
[improved] A gigaton of smaller improvements, many of them under the hood
[fix] Several bugfixes, fixing freeze issues with fastboot3DS (thanks, @profi200)
[fix] Unified handling of tar (when compiling, on all OSes), via a Python script (thanks @ihaveamac)
[scripting] Control flow support via if, elif, else, end, goto (thanks @windows-server-2003)
[scripting] labelsel command, allowing the user to select from a range of labels to jump to
[scripting] strsplit command, allowing to extract substrings from a string
[scripting] New REGION environment var

The star feature of this release is control flow support for scripting, finally giving script devs the tools needed for more advanced scripts. Thanks go to Kazuma77 for testing and advice!

As always, bug reports (if anything comes up) are appreciated. Have fun testing this, and see you in 2018!

Téléchargement :
(FIRM) : GodMode9 v1.5.1.zip
Source : gbatemp.net
Site Officiel : github.com


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