[3DS] GodMode9 v1.4.3

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[3DS] GodMode9 v1.4.3

Message par Cid2Mizard » 15 oct. 2017 18:15


d0k3 propose la version 1.4.3 de "GodMode9", explorateur de fichier (Nand/EmuNand) disposant de tous les droits pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS.


Manage files on all your data storages: You wouldn't have expected this, right? Included are all standard file operations such as copy, delete, rename files and create folders. Use the L button to mark multiple files and apply file operations to multiple files at once.
Make screenshots: Press R+L anywhere. Screenshots are in BMP format.
Use multiple panes: Press R+left|right. This enables you to stay in one location in the first pane and open another in the second pane.
Search drives and folders: Just press R+A on the drive / folder you want to search.
Format your SD card / setup a RedNAND: Press the HOME button, select SD format menu. This also allows to setup a RedNAND on your SD card. You will get a warning prompt and an unlock sequence before any operation starts.
Run it without an SD card / unmount the SD card: If no SD card is found, you will be offered to run without the SD card. You can also unmount and remount your SD card from the file system root at any point.
Direct access to SD installed contents: Just take a look inside the A:/B: drives. One the fly crypto is taken care for, you can access this the same as any other content.
Build CIAs from NCCH / NCSD (.3DS) / TMD (installed contents): Press A on the file you want converted, the option will be shown. Installed contents are found (among others) in 1:/titles/(SysNAND) and A:/titles/(SD installed). Where applicable, you will also be able to generate legit CIAs. Note: this works also from a file search.
Decrypt and verify NCCH / NCSD / CIA / TMD / FIRM images: Options are found inside the A button menu. You will be able to decrypt to the standard output directory or (where applicable) in place.
Batch mode for the above two operations: Just select multiple files of the same type via the L button, then press the A button on one of the selected files.
Access any file inside NCCH / NCSD / CIA / FIRM images: Just mount the file via the A button menu and browse to the file you want.
Generate XORpads for any NAND partition: Take a look inside the X: drive. You can use these XORpads for decryption of encrypted NAND images on PC. Additional tools such as 3dsFAT16Tool are required on PC.
Directly mount and access NAND dumps or standard FAT images: Just press the A button on these files to get the option. You can only mount NAND dumps from the same console.
Restore / dump NAND partitions or even full NANDs: Just take a look into the S: (or E:/ I:) drive. This is done the same as any other file operation.
Compare and verify files: Press the A button on the first file, select Calculate SHA-256. Do the same for the second file. If the two files are identical, you will get a message about them being identical. On the SDCARD drive (0:) you can also write a SHA file, so you can check for any modifications at a later point.
Hexview and hexedit any file: Press the A button on a file and select Show in Hexeditor. A button again enables edit mode, hold the A button and press arrow buttons to edit bytes. You will get an additional confirmation prompt to take over changes. Take note that for certain file, write permissions can't be enabled.
Inject a file to another file: Put exactly one file (the file to be injected from) into the clipboard (via the Y button). Press A on the file to be injected to. There will be an option to inject the first file into it.

GodMode9 v1.4.3
What's new:

[new] Hardcoded readme and readme viewer inside the HOME -> More... menu
[improved] Vastly improved GBA VC Save injection method - will now work 100% of time
[improved] Improved image mount handling
[improved] Improved text viewer colour scheme
[improved] Improved FIRM decryptor (only applies to N3DS original FIRMs)
[fix] Fixed scripts not showing up in text viewer
[fix] Fixed crashes when viewing certain text files
[scripting] Fixed and improved shaget command

GodMode9 v1.4.2
What's new:

[new] Added NAND restore scripts by Kazuma77
[new] Allow R+DOWN to force reload the file list
[new] Inject context menu entry for virtual files (only if there's exactly one entry in the clipboard)
[fix] Fixed ntrboot detection. GM9 now again works as intended when flashed directly to a ntrboot card. Thanks @ihaveamac for finding this bug.
[fix] Don't allow mounting already mounted drive images.
[fix] Fixed vanishing top bar on GodMode9TD (thanks @MelonGx for the find)

GodMode9 v1.4.1
What's new:

[new] Current battery state is visible via an icon on the top bar
[new] Bootloader function (previously undocumented, read the readme!)
[new] Completely rewritten and improved method of GBA VC save dumping and injecting
[new] Exceptions dumps can be transferred via QR codes (you'll most likely never ever see that)
[scripting] Allow customizing and disabling the script preview
[scripting] Added qr and chk commands
[scripting] Added HAX, ONTYPE and RDTYPE environment vars
[fix] Fix the swapped sd_cid,mem and nand_cid.mem
[fix] Brought back 'Copy to 0:/gm9/out' for dirs

GodMode9 v1.4.0
What's new:

[new] Support for mounting and browsing NDS images
[new] Payloads menu inside HOME menu
[new] Release archive contains .firms for install via ntrboot_flasher
[new] Exception handler (works inside GodMode9 only), thanks to @Wolfvak
[new] Installer for FIRM files (advanced users / ntrboot only, everyone else use SafeB9SInstaller)
[new] New system information feature in HOME menu, thanks to @Myriachan
[new] Access to MCU registers (read-only) via the M: drive (again, thanks @Myriachan)
[new] Reverse LZSS decompression of compressed .code (A button menu for CXIs)
[new] NAND header rebuilder - this can help with borked NANDs and lost NCSDs
[new] Recursive CMAC fixer for drives A:, B:, S: and E:
[new] Build date/time on splash screen - hold any button to keep displaying the splash screen
[new] File info feature for files, and improved/combined drive/dir info feature
[new] Nag screen if RTC is not correctly set (if year < 2017 is detected)
[new] Visual progress update on large batch operations (scrolling filelist)
[scripting] Live text preview of currently processed script
[scripting] Ability to build standalone script runners (see readme for info)
[scripting] Added fixcmac, boot, shaget, switchsd, extrcode, filesel scripting commands
[scripting] Enhanced the injectcommand
[scripting] Allow partial checks via the sha command
[scripting] findreturns the alphanumerical last / first match
[scripting] Dynamically updated environment variables
[fix] Vastly decreased boot times
[fix] Improved NDS cart dumper code
[fix] Improved screen init routines, fixing an array of smaller problems (thanks, @Wolfvak)
[fix] The usual batch of smaller improvements and fixes - hopefully I didn't forget anything big

Téléchargement :
(FIRM) : GodMode9 v1.4.3.zip
Source : gbatemp.net
Site Officiel : github.com


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