[3DS] GodMode9 v1.0.6=>1.0.7

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[3DS] GodMode9 v1.0.6=>1.0.7

Message par Cid2Mizard » 24 mars 2017 7:33


d0k3 propose la version 1.0.6 puis 1.0.7 de "GodMode9", explorateur de fichier (Nand/EmuNand) disposant de tous les droits pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS.


Manage files on all your data storages: You wouldn't have expected this, right? Included are all standard file operations such as copy, delete, rename files and create folders. Use the L button to mark multiple files and apply file operations to multiple files at once.
Make screenshots: Press R+L anywhere. Screenshots are in BMP format.
Use multiple panes: Press R+left|right. This enables you to stay in one location in the first pane and open another in the second pane.
Search drives and folders: Just press R+A on the drive / folder you want to search.
Format your SD card / setup a RedNAND: Press the HOME button, select SD format menu. This also allows to setup a RedNAND on your SD card. You will get a warning prompt and an unlock sequence before any operation starts.
Run it without an SD card / unmount the SD card: If no SD card is found, you will be offered to run without the SD card. You can also unmount and remount your SD card from the file system root at any point.
Direct access to SD installed contents: Just take a look inside the A:/B: drives. One the fly crypto is taken care for, you can access this the same as any other content.
Build CIAs from NCCH / NCSD (.3DS) / TMD (installed contents): Press A on the file you want converted, the option will be shown. Installed contents are found (among others) in 1:/titles/(SysNAND) and A:/titles/(SD installed). Where applicable, you will also be able to generate legit CIAs. Note: this works also from a file search.
Decrypt and verify NCCH / NCSD / CIA / TMD / FIRM images: Options are found inside the A button menu. You will be able to decrypt to the standard output directory or (where applicable) in place.
Batch mode for the above two operations: Just select multiple files of the same type via the L button, then press the A button on one of the selected files.
Access any file inside NCCH / NCSD / CIA / FIRM images: Just mount the file via the A button menu and browse to the file you want.
Generate XORpads for any NAND partition: Take a look inside the X: drive. You can use these XORpads for decryption of encrypted NAND images on PC. Additional tools such as 3dsFAT16Tool are required on PC.
Directly mount and access NAND dumps or standard FAT images: Just press the A button on these files to get the option. You can only mount NAND dumps from the same console.
Restore / dump NAND partitions or even full NANDs: Just take a look into the S: (or E:/ I:) drive. This is done the same as any other file operation.
Compare and verify files: Press the A button on the first file, select Calculate SHA-256. Do the same for the second file. If the two files are identical, you will get a message about them being identical. On the SDCARD drive (0:) you can also write a SHA file, so you can check for any modifications at a later point.
Hexview and hexedit any file: Press the A button on a file and select Show in Hexeditor. A button again enables edit mode, hold the A button and press arrow buttons to edit bytes. You will get an additional confirmation prompt to take over changes. Take note that for certain file, write permissions can't be enabled.
Inject a file to another file: Put exactly one file (the file to be injected from) into the clipboard (via the Y button). Press A on the file to be injected to. There will be an option to inject the first file into it.

A new release to accompany @Plailect's update of the Guide(tm). This is not the big update you came to expect, but this time a rather small one, including mostly minor new features, maintenance and bug fixes.

This is new:

New fancy splash screen and GodMode9 logo
CTRtransfer made possible (recommended on A9LH only, refer to the Guide)
New NAND backup operation in HOME menu
Easy restore of H&S after injection from HOME menu
Improved TWL cart compatibility (thanks to @Normmatt)
Red screen indicates extra dangerous operations now
Allow setting up the bonus drive even if little space is available
Improved devkit support for NCCH / CIA operations
Automatic detection of SD card insert and ejects (you still need to unmount!)
Dirs can be analyzed (for total size / # of files / # of subdirs) now
"Copy to 0:/gm9out" operation for dirs is now available
Images can now be mounted from ram drive and bonus drive

As always, thanks everyone involved in this release, and especially to @Plailect for putting his trust in GodMode9!

And now, something else entirely: Why you don't need SafeMode9.

First of all, know that, when running software from ARM9, a NAND backup is essential. That goes for everything, for Decrypt9, for Hourglass9, for Luma 3DS, for GodMode9 and for SafeMode9. It's not like these tools are not well tested and considered safe, but doing low level operations in ARM9 software without a NAND backup is considered foolish. You don't even have to keep your NAND backup up to date (you can, of course!), but you're supposed to have one.
Permission unlock screens only turn up when required, and tell you about possible dangers. These should be paid attention to before unlocking, and that goes for SafeMode9 and GodMode9.
Now, do you trust yourself to do this? When a completely red screen turns up, telling you about the dangers of unlocking that write permission and asking you to enter that button sequence, press B and do not enter that button sequence unless you know exactly what you're doing. If so, congratulations, you may now use GodMode9 instead of SafeMode9.

The one difference between SafeMode9 and GodMode9 is that SafeMode9 automatically stops before even reaching the screen mentioned under the last bullet point. Accidental entry of unlock sequences is not possible (the probability for that is somewhere in the realm of 0.001%, and that ignores several variables that make it even more improbable to happen, you also have to actually try something stupid to even reach that screen). If you're still convinced you need SafeMode9, alright, I can't stop you, but prepare to be ridiculed by your splash screen.

A new release already? Yup, on @Plailect's request, cause this has something very important for The Guide. As expected (two days after the last release), the list of changes is rather small.

This is new 1.0.7 :

New, improved CTRNAND transfer method
A minor bugfix

SafeMode9 users (really, you still want that thing?): Check the last release for info. Or compile yourself. Or let someone compile for you. Whatever.

Téléchargement :
(3DSX/DAT/BIN/NDS) : GodMode9 v1.0.7.zip
(3DSX/DAT/BIN/NDS) : SafeMode9 v1.0.0.zip
Source : gbatemp.net
Site Officiel : github.com


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