[3DS] Xrick 3DS v0.1=>1.0

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[3DS] Xrick 3DS v0.1=>1.0

Message par Cid2Mizard » 02 mars 2017 19:38


nop90 propose la version 0.1 puis 1.0 de "Xrick 3DS", portage pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS de "Xrick", clone du jeu de plates-formes Rick Dangerous.

Way before Lara Croft, back in the 1980's and early 1990's, Rick Dangerous was the Indiana Jones of computer games, running away from rolling rocks, avoiding traps, from South America to a futuristic missile base via Egypt and the Schwarzendumpf castle.

Xrick is a clone of Rick Dangerous, known to run on Linux,Windows, BeOs, Amiga, QNX, all sorts of gaming consoles..


The source code of my port is on my github (https://github.com/nop90/Xrick-3ds).
The compiled game (3dsx and CIA format) is released on github (https://github.com/nop90/Xrick-3ds/releases).

The original source is by BigOrno (http://www.bigorno.net/xrick/)
This game uses the SDL 1.2 library for 3ds


Ver. 1,0 (10 March 2017)
- Fixed 3dsx format
- Fixed sound output

Ver. 0.1 (02 March 2017)
- First reelase (3dsx and CIA)


In the zip there is a folder with the 3dsx and the smdh files inside, to be used with a homebrew launcher, or there is a cia file to be installed with FBI. All the resources are included in the executable using romfs.


- D-pad: Move
- A+Up: fire a bullet
- B+Down: lay a stick of dynamite
- B+L or B+R: poke a wall (or anything else)
- Start: Pause
- Select: Exit

Known Bugs

- The sound is crackling, should be a problem of SDL not converting u8 sound samples in s8 format.
- In the CIA version, closing the game from the 3ds home menu hungs the console (it'as a problem of the SDL lib)

To Do List

- Fix SDL lib and rebuold the game

Téléchargement :
(3DSX/CIA) : Xrick_3DS v1.0.zip

Source : gbatemp.net
Site Officiel : github.com


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