[3DS] Mazed - Demo

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[3DS] Mazed - Demo

Message par Cid2Mizard » 19 mars 2015 6:48

Machina propose une version Démo de "Mazed" pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS. Vous êtes perdu dans un labyrinthe de 10 pièces et devez trouver la sortie.

What you see above is an image of a demo that I've been working on, now titled Mazed. You begin in a room with one exit. From there you must go through other rooms to figure out which way leads to the end. Making a wrong turn will take you back to where you started, and once you decide to enter a room you cannot go back. Memory is the key to winning this game.
Being a demo there are still missing features, and I mostly created this demo to test a concept that I had in mind. Though I like the results, so I'll probably end up working on this project a little more.

What is in the demo:

• Character movement - The character moves if you press the dpad. If the character hits a wall he stops moving.
• Character animation - The character is animated, so you will see the character move his face, arms and legs if you press the dpad.
• Room transition (10 rooms in total) - If you are in front of an entrance and press A you will enter a room. But, the entrance will be sealed. There is no going back, unless you make a mistake, from which then you would have to start all over.
• One-way victory - There is only one route to reach the end.
• Bottom screen only - The game plays on the bottom screen only. The image posted above is what the game should look like on the bottom screen. The reason the playing field is small is because of performance. Initially I used the whole bottom screen as the playing field, but for some reason performance took a hit. So, the smaller the images, the better the demo runs.
• Screenshot support - Press Start to take a screenshot. The image will be saved in lpp/Images/Screenshot.

Téléchargement :
the homebrew launcher : Mazed - Demo.rar
Source : gbatemp.net


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