[3DS] ORGANIZ3D v0.5

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[3DS] ORGANIZ3D v0.5

Message par Cid2Mizard » 16 janv. 2015 17:17


Rinnegatamante, très actif sur la scène 3DS, propose la version 0.5 de "ORGANIZ3D", gestionnaire et lecteur de fichiers multimédia pour la nintendo 3DS.

v0.5 now downloadable!

- Solved issues with huge BMPV files. Now every type of BMPV is currectly reproduced.
- Added extdata managing support (list,open with HEX Viewer, dump and restore extdata files)
- Added CIA build (Thanks to Technicmaster0 for basic workaround) with sound support
- Fixxed a bug with touchscreen. Now it fully works.
- Added possibility to extract icons from SMDH files (Left/Right digital pad when SMDH file is opened)
- Added possibility to show infos in SMDH files
- Added possibility to launch 3DSX homebrews (Only for ninjhax users)
- Solved crashes with big images, now they can be loaded and viewed entirely thanks to Circle Pad
- Made 3DS build more lookeable with proper banner and icon
- Solved a bug which obscurate first item of the listed directory in some cases
- Added Rename function for files and directories (B button)
- Now multimedia files can be stopped and resumed with left and right digital pads
- Added Theme system to filebrowser with two themes as samples.
- Solved alpha blending. Now is correctly calculated alpha channel for images.

I edited first post with all new functions/features and infos.

Please note that EXTDATA managing is still in a BETA phase so BACKUP YOUR Nintendo 3DS FOLDER BEFORE USING ORGANIZ3D RESTORE FEATURE.

Téléchargement :
homebrew launcher + Gateway + CFW : ORGANIZ3D v0.5.rar
Source : gbatemp.net
Site Officiel : rinnegatamante.netsons.org


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