[NDS] Digimon DS Final Beta

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[NDS] Digimon DS Final Beta

Message par beredezebe » 13 oct. 2013 17:10

darkspire091 réalise "Digimon DS" dans sa version Final Beta (on a affaire à quelqu'un qui sait ce qu'il veut !), fangame plutôt bien réalisé de Digimon dans un RPG très Pokémon-like.

Hey guys here is a game that I've been working on. If you guys can test it out and report any bugs or just give general feedback that would be awesome.

The game is similar to a pokemon game but with digimon. Don't hit continue unless you have saved the game once. The save function works for the DS. You can hold B to speed up text. Bookcases and NPCs give advice so read what they say sometimes. Almost all of the digimon except the starters are obtainable. Use L and R buttons to switch between digimon. I'll fix any bugs you guys find or any general complaints. Have fun I hope you guys like it.

edit: I ripped off of pokemon red/blue sprites and credit to Zebub Al-Zemechiel for the digimon sprites.
edit: You can hold B to speed up any text. Use B to exit out of any computer or the digipedia.

Any feedback of any kind would be awesome!
Update: The bug where digimon don't digivolve should be fixed. Sprite mismatch should be fixed. You can hold L or R to scroll through the digipedia now.
Download the new file for the fixes

New download adjusting the difficulty level of bosses.

Update fixing bug where you can't fight the crystal cave boss and teleporting with the Y button
Téléchargement :
Digimon_DS Final Beta.zip

Source : dsgamemaker.com


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