[Wii] DeSmuME Wii r253

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[Wii] DeSmuME Wii r253

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Mise à jour en révision 253 pour DeSmuME Wii, portage de l'emulateur Nintendo DS DeSmuME pour la Wii par Arikado, Dancinninja, scanff, baby.lueshi et firnis.
Jeux compatibles => http://wiibrew.org/wiki/DeSmuME_Wii/Compatibility_List


* Download the latest featured release off of the google code SVN downloads tab.
* Extract the .zip to the root of your SD Card or USB Device
* Place ROMs in device:/DS/ROMS/
* Saves are put into device:/DS/SAVES/
* If you'd like to use a BIOS place it in device:/DS/BIOS/ named biosnds9.rom and biosnds7.rom

DeSmuME Wii SVN Changelog:
Two words: Paired. Single.
That's right. I got tired of waiting. I created paired-single versions of ALL of
the matrix functions. On average they run about 40-50% faster. This has been in
the works for a long time. There isn't any noticeable speed up that I could
find, but it's there, and a preview of things to come.
Changed some formatting, fixed a few things, and included some code that might
potentially generate shadows (we'll see).

Téléchargement :
DeSmuMEWii r253.zip
Source : www.emucr.com
Site Officiel : code.google.com


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