[3DS] 3DS Video Converter v2.3=>2.3.1

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[3DS] 3DS Video Converter v2.3=>2.3.1

Message par Cid2Mizard » 24 mai 2012 11:02

NekuSoul propose la version 2.3 puis 2.3.1 de son convertisseur de vidéo pour la nintendo 3DS, "3DS Video Converter".

Multiple File Conversion
Fast Conversion using Threads
Drag'n Drop
Supports multiple Cores
Supports 3D and 2D Videos
Changeable Quality
Output-Folder can be set
Progress-Bar in Taskbar (Win7 only)
Renaming Videos to automatically fits into 3DS's naming scheme
Automatically cuts Video into multiple 10 minutes Videos

Change log (v2.3.1):

Fixed progress in Taskbar displaying wrong status (Win7 only)

Change log (v2.3):

- ProgressBar now more detailed
- Some Interface fixes
- Added 3D-Mirrored Conversion
- Removed 3D-Side-by-Side and Splitted conversion
- Closing Dialog redone
- Updated ffMPEG
- Added README
- Sourcecode put under WTFPL
Téléchargement :
3DS Video Converter v2.3.1.rar

Source : gbatemp.net


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