[NDS] Spirits DS v20120507 Beta

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[NDS] Spirits DS v20120507 Beta

Message par Cid2Mizard » 07 mai 2012 16:24

NightFox propose la version 20120507 Beta de Spirits DS, remake pour la nintendo DS du jeu d'aventure du même nom sortit en 1987 sur les Sinclair ZX Spectrum, MSX et l'Amstrad CPC.

Good morning!
New version of Spirits DS with those news:

* You can now choose between the original or remake mode at game start.
* Graphics of the backgrounds in the first half of the castle completed.
* New algorithm for calculation of random positions of objects and some corrected positions.
* Fixed bug that allowed to record the spell shot at the top of the stairs, causing errors in the control of the character.
* Fixed bug where if the last life was lost in the trap of the 3 switches in the next game they appeared displaced. (Thanks to the araubi from CEZ forums for the warning.)

Téléchargement :
Spirits DS 20120507 Beta.zip

Source : www.nightfoxandco.com


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