[3DS] 3DS Video v1.00

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[3DS] 3DS Video v1.00

Message par Cid2Mizard » 19 déc. 2011 19:49

SifJar propose la version 1.00 de "3DS Video", application PC permettant de convertir vos vidéos au format de la 3DS.

This is a quick little GUI tool I threw together to convert videos for 3DS, based on the findings by spinal_cord posted here: http://www.socoder.n...php?blogs=29000

This program can convert virtually any video to the format required for 3DS. It can convert both 3D and 2D videos (3D videos in either top-bottom or side-by-side formats).


GUI rewrite by amzg
Mirrored input option fixed by amzg
Progress bars added by BelowZero and amzg
New error if destination folder has spaces
GUI is disabled while converting

Téléchargement :
3DS Video v1.00.zip
Source : gbatemp.net


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