[3DS] 3DS Video v0.1=>0.30 Beta

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[3DS] 3DS Video v0.1=>0.30 Beta

Message par Cid2Mizard » 08 déc. 2011 12:32

SifJar propose la version 0.1 puis 0.30 de "3DS Video", application PC permettant de convertir vos vidéos au format de la 3DS.

This is a quick little GUI tool I threw together to convert videos for 3DS, based on the findings by spinal_cord posted here: http://www.socoder.n...php?blogs=29000

This program can convert virtually any video to the format required for 3DS. It can convert both 3D and 2D videos (3D videos in either top-bottom or side-by-side formats).

Added mirrored input option
Added option for 480x240 resolution (default is still 400x240)

More bug fixes (thanks to amzg, xxNathanxx and Guy.brush)
Remembers video folder
Source tidied up a bit

Fix splitting 3D video (thanks to Stylpe)

Fixing (some of) the bugs of v0.2

Added auto-splitting of files
Added "Advanced..." options

Fixed bugs of v0.1

Téléchargement :
3DS Video v0.30 Beta.zip
Source : gbatemp.net


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