[NDS] cquake r39

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[NDS] cquake r39

Message par Cid2Mizard » 29 août 2011 7:38

elhobbs propose la release 39 de son portage de Quake pour la nintendo DS "cquake", ce portage a l'avantage d'utiliser moins de ressources pour fonctionner et donc de fonctionner sur la plupart des linkers. Image
his is the latest cQuake SVN built using the latest libnds.This allows it to be played in DSi mode with the Cyclo iEvo, and can also be run via the Sudoku exploit.

You will need the PAK files from either the registered or the shareware version of quake.
They need to be put in a folder named ID1 in the root directory of your flash card.
The cquake.nds file needs to be patched with the appropriate DLDI driver for your card.

I have also included a modified version of progs.dat and an autoexec.cfg file. These files can be put in the ID1 directory. The progs.dat file contains no modifications; it has been compiled with an optimizing qcc compiler that reduces the memory used - by about 70k.

Change log (vr39):

Updated cquake.nds for single player only. Works in DS and DSi mode.

• updated for latest libnds
• changed makefile to compile as arm code

Téléchargement :
cquake r39.zip
Source : gbatemp.net
Site Officiel : code.google.com


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