[Wii] Another Zombie Game

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[Wii] Another Zombie Game

Message par beredezebe » 16 août 2011 13:08

Stephen Lee Smith réalise "Another Zombie Game", jeu de zombie inspiré de "They Do Not Die" sur Nintendo Wii.

Oh, that would be cool, though it being the 2nd thing I have ever programmed and being in collaboration with a friend who doesn’t even know how to program, it probably breaks every rule of code cleanliness.

It displays 1 less zombie than expected leaving the player and 1 zombie after everything on screen has been killed. Prevents rounds from progressing. I could use a workaround like making rounds progress when 1 zombie is alive but I’d rather not do that. I checked most if not all my loops multiple times. Sorry for the mess, thanks for the help!

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Source : thatotherdev.com
Site Officiel : www.stephen3.com


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