[NDS] Woopsi v1.3

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[NDS] Woopsi v1.3

Message par Cid2Mizard » 22 juil. 2011 6:42

Ant512 propose la version 1.3 de "Woopsi", librairie d'interface graphique qui permet de créer des homebrews pour la nintendo DS sur le modèle de fenêtrage de l'OS Amiga. [youtube][/youtube]
This release includes a winforms UI for the font2font tool (converts Windows fonts to Woopsi fonts) and a bunch of bugfixes.

This will probably be the last release of Woopsi.


- Label and TextBox are more efficient when rendering text changes.
- Removed unused GLYPH_MAP_SIZE constant from fontbase.h.
- Header file in template moved into include directory.
- Animation::play() stops if there are no frames to play.
- Animation::getCurrentFrame() returns NULL if there are no frames.
- Animation::getCurrentBitmap() returns NULL if there are no bitmaps.
- Fixed memory leak when deleting SDL framebuffer.
- Removed extraneous globals from woopsifuncs.cpp.
- WoopsiString::subString() passes the correct arguments to the WoopsiString constructor.
- StringIterator::moveTo() ignores attempts to move to negative indices.
- Improved use of DMA hardware.
- Updated C# tools.
- Removed Visual Studio files.

New Features:
- Added WoopsiTimer::isRunning().
- Added SuperBitmap::setX().
- Added SuperBitmap::setY().
- Added SuperBitmap::getX().
- Added SuperBitmap::getY().
- Added FontConverter, a winforms UI for font2font.

Téléchargement :
woopsi_src v1.3.zip
woopsi_demo v1.3.zip
Source : forum.gbadev.orgSite Officiel : woopsi.org

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Re: [NDS] Woopsi v1.3

Message par ccosmos » 22 juil. 2011 11:55

Encore un codeur de perdu.
C'est vraiment dommage, mais c'est la vie. :(



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