[NDS] Team Fortress 2 DS v2250411

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[NDS] Team Fortress 2 DS v2250411

Message par Cid2Mizard » 24 avr. 2011 8:22

Kazuki propose une mise à jour de son adaptation du célèbre jeu de tir multijoueur Team Fortress 2 pour la nintendo DS, "Team Fortress 2 DS". Le jeu n'est pas encore terminé ni vraiment jouable mais est déjà bien avancé.

DPad - left/right to move
A - Jump. The Scout(1st class) can double jump by pressing A while in the air.
B - Fire (currently only Soldier w/ rockets and Demoman w/ primary/secondary)
Y - Secondary Fire (Demoman: detonate stickybombs)
X - Reload
L - Change weapon backwards
R - Change weapon forwards
Touch Screen - Change class (must be in your team's base), health/reload testing

- Finally an update! Unfortunately, DSGM 5.12 broke my game quite a bit. I don't know if it was the change in object enumeration or what, but even after changing my code to work with the new enumeration style the game was incredibly glitchy when "played." You'll still be able to look at the code and everything of course, but you won't be able to compile. =\ I'm still trudging along in DSGM 5.11 though!
- Still working on the first map (Sawmill) and I'm still trying to get a handle of map collisions and stuff.
- - May have to mess around with multiple backgrounds since mine uses too many tiles or something.
- - Pretty much finished the first house area on the blue side. You can use the box to jump on the roof.
- - Tentative layout plan: http://i.imgur.com/Pwmca.png
- Added health/ammo kit objects for testing regaining health/ammo.
- - Small = +20.5% of max refilled; Medium = +50% of max refilled; Large = refilled completely
- - Can test health/ammo pickups by using the faces and plus/minus sprites on the lower screen.
* Still have no idea on a way to handle non-projectile weapons.

Téléchargement :
Team Fortress 2 DS 220411.rar
Source : dsgamemaker.com


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