[NDS] Woopsi v1.1

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[NDS] Woopsi v1.1

Message par Cid2Mizard » 28 mars 2011 23:05

Ant512 propose la version 1.1 de "Woopsi", librairie d'interface graphique qui permet de créer des homebrews pour la nintendo DS sur le modèle de fenêtrage de l'OS Amiga. [youtube][/youtube]
Woopsi 1.1 is now available:


The majority of fixes and enhancements this time around centre on the WoopsiString class. It now has a few more operator overloads and additional functions such as format(), split() and indexOf(). The full changelog is as follows:

- Slider arrow buttons work correctly.
- WoopsiString::compareTo() returns s8 instead of s32.
- WoopsiString::compareTo() sorts Chinese text correctly (carpfish).
- ProgressBar at 100% completion no longer overflows the printout char array (carpfish).
- FileListBox handles paths with unicode names correctly (carpfish).
- Removed Debug::wvsnprintf().
- Debug::output() receives a WoopsiString reference instead of a char pointer.
- Debug::printf() uses WoopsiString::format() instead of vsnprintf().
- WoopsiString::subString() returns a WoopsiString instead of a pointer to a WoopsiString.
- Install batch file works correctly with latest directory structure.

New Features:
- Added StringIterator::getInteger() (carpfish).
- WoopsiString::compareTo() implements a simplistic natural sort (carpfish).
- Added WoopsiString::indexOf(const char* text) (carpfish).
- Added WoopsiString::indexOf(const char* text, s32 startIndex) (carpfish).
- Added WoopsiString::indexOf(const WoopsiString& string, s32 startIndex, s32 count) (carpfish).
- Added WoopsiString::lastIndexOf(const char* text) (carpfish).
- Added WoopsiString::lastIndexOf(const char* text, s32 startIndex) (carpfish).
- Added WoopsiString::lastIndexOf(const WoopsiString& string, s32 startIndex, s32 count) (carpfish).
- Added WoopsiString + operator overload (carpfish).
- Added WoopsiString += operator overload (carpfish).
- Added WoopsiString == operator overload (carpfish).
- Added WoopsiString != operator overload (carpfish).
- Added WoopsiString::format() (carpfish).
- Added WoopsiString::init() and moved repeated code out of constructors.
- Added case sensitive switch to WoopsiString::compareTo() (carpfish).
- Added WoopsiString::replace() (carpfish).
- Added WoopsiString constructor to create a new string from a substring of another.
- Added WoopsiString::split() (carpfish).
- Added WoopsiString::setText() overload to set to a copy of a substring.

Téléchargement :
woopsi_src v1.1.zip
woopsi_demo v1.1.zip
woopsi_osx v1.0.zip
Source : forum.gbadev.orgSite Officiel : woopsi.org


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