[NDS] DS App Studio v0.4.8

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[NDS] DS App Studio v0.4.8

Message par Cid2Mizard » 27 mars 2011 8:26

Awesomisoft propose la version de "DS App Studio", IDE facilitant le développement de homebrew sur nintendo DS.

Version: 0.4.8
Build: 6 March, 2010

Hey All!
I have finally updated DS App Studio with the new and improved 3D engine implemented into DS App Studio. Many new features have been added to the software, and there are many new things you can do in DS App Studio, such as:

• New 3D model loading(requires converting, which converter is included with DS App Studio)
• Added controls to interface(such as the new 3D model workspace)
• New start page
• Better image graphics(improved using a different format)
• New options, such as if you want to delete the build files
• Updated syntax(I will make a new manual for the latest version soon)
• Improved file structure(making sure to save space)
• Model viewer within model dialog

Here are a few bugs I fixed along the way while developing DS App Studio:
• Fixed the background glitch(still glitches, but is still better)
• Project glitch(where people would create projects, but it would say it didn't exist)
• Fixed the plugin problem, where the plugin would be corrupt

Here are things I have thought about changing or adding in the future:
• New DS App Studio file format(*.dsp)
• Better model dialog
• More project selections(such as DSGDK project)
• More syntax for logic
• A more efficient debug process

Téléchargement :
DS App Studio
Source : www.awsomisoft.com


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