[NDS] Base Jumping v1.1

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[NDS] Base Jumping v1.1

Message par Cid2Mizard » 23 janv. 2011 23:25

DrZoidBerg propose la version 1.1 de son adaptation du jeu flash "Base Jumping" pour la nintendo DS.

Change log (v1.1):
Second version:
-Fixed the bug where you still have orange rather than blue eyelids when you have a false start and have just blinked.
-Added the purple layout background in.
-Added a menu with fade in and out transitions.
-Tweaked a few values like the gravity and speed the parashoot comes out and how slower you get when you use the parashoot the X position you are at and some other things.
-You can now either pass or fail the test.
-Changed the font.
-Added my cool new logo
More but I have forgotten.

Téléchargement :
Base Jumping v1.1.zip
Source : www.palib-dev.com


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