[Wii] Newo Shooter v1.38a

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[Wii] Newo Shooter v1.38a

Message par Cid2Mizard » 07 janv. 2011 8:35


Owen nous propose la version 1.38a de son rail shooter en 3D, "Newo Shooter".

Version 1.38 - January 06 2011

* 2 levels (City, Asteroid Field), Score, Level Start, Title screen and ending screen
* Enemies now drop power ups ( yellow = weapon upgrade (4), green=health, white=free life, white=useless )
* Still no Models, Sounds or Music
* Purple Mid-Boss (stops stage until killed)
* Basic particle effects
* GRRLIB plasma example in background.
* New destructible objects, Ground plain, clouds, grass, smoke animation, gravity, death spiral
* New HUD: Your health bar is Green. Enemy health meter is the color of the enemy and is in the center.
* Blue box is end of stage marker
* Improved frame rate, added on screen counter

Téléchargement :
Newo Shooter 1.38a.zip
Source : wiibrew.org


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