[NDS] DS Kanji Flash v0.5

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[NDS] DS Kanji Flash v0.5

Message par Cid2Mizard » 06 janv. 2011 14:29

Nous sommes complétement passés à cotés de "DS Kanji Flash", application sur l'apprentissage des Kanjis réalisé par Bernhard Schelling en mars 2010 pour la nintendo DS.

A flash card game for Nintendo DS showing Kanjis from various JLPT levels including their reading, stroke order and compound examples with English translation. In true flashcard manner, it hides the to be learned parts. The parts like translations and (Kana)-readings can be revealed by holding down a button. A writing module is also included which does basic character recognition of both Kanji and Hiragana/Katakana on the touch screen to write out the 5 example compounds for each Kanji.

Téléchargement :
DSKanjiFlash-0.5_JLPT1 Edition (103 Kanjis) .7z
DSKanjiFlash-0.5_JLPT2 Edition (284 Kanjis) .7z
DSKanjiFlash-0.5_JLPT3 Edition (1023 Kanjis) .7z
DSKanjiFlash-0.5_JLPT4 Edition (1926 Kanjis) .7z
Source : code.google.com


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