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[NDS] WhatTime

Message par Cid2Mizard » 04 janv. 2011 14:11

icedaddy propose "WhatTime", jeu éducatif permettant l'apprentissage de l'heure, uniquement en anglais.

put this together the other day to help my son learn to tell the time better. Basically you're given a time question either in words or as a digital time and you have to set the analog clock by dragging the hands. The hand capture is done based upon your touch distance from the centre of the clock (ie. touch near the middle for the short hand and near the edge for the long hand) - there may be room for improvement here - let me know how you get on with it.

Anyway, you have 2 games - a simple story game of set questions and a quiz game of random questions which gets harder as you progress. The quiz game has 3 progressive levels of difficulty and lasts for 40 questions.

If you need help you can press and hold the 'hint' button. The allowed error of your answers is a subjective point and I'll explain what I did if/when anyone makes a comment about it

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