[Wii] Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight v1.0

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[Wii] Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight v1.0

Message par Cid2Mizard » 24 déc. 2010 14:32


Tantric propose la version 1.0 de "Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight", jeu d'action/RPG sortit sur Amiga en 1991 puis devenu freeware. Tantric l'a compilé directement avec DOSBox-wii (1.5) et y a adapté les commandes de la wiimote.

I've used DOSBox-Wii and configured and compiled it to work and autoboot the classic gory Amiga/PC game 'Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight'. This version is the original PC game running via DOSBox-wii (1.5) which simply autoboots into the game and has the controls mapped and binded to the wiimote so that you no longer need to use a usb keyboard.

To run simply extract the moonstone zip file and place the moonstone folder into the apps folder on the wii and then load as normal via the homebrew channel.

Téléchargement :
Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight v1.0.zip
Source : wiibrew.org


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