[Wii] Powder v115-1

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[Wii] Powder v115-1

Message par Cid2Mizard » 14 déc. 2010 12:22

Image Mise à jour également du portage pour la wii du rogue like "Powder". [youtube][/youtube]
Just in time for the new, high res, iPhones, POWDER's tiles have caught up to the previous, low res, iPhones. The 12x12 Akoi Meexx tiles have been hand smoothed for a better landscape experience.

My old file server died. Fortunately, I was already in the process of migrating to a new one, so it really couldn't have been better timing. Unfortunately, my attempt to restart the PSP toolchain failed. I'll have to give this another try later, but this release is way too delayed already.

Note the iPhone version, as usual, won't show up right away. First, because even with immediate submission there is a delay for approval. Second, because one reason this release kept being delayed was a real frustrating bug where the keyboard wasn't showing up half the time. I think I fixed it, hence this release, but I want to do some more testing on my commute.

When the iPhone version does hit the light of day, I hope players on that platform will appreciate that you can now email your character dumps. This provides a way to get a record of your win without resorting to pen and pencil.

* The delete key should work on Macs. (Konstantin Stupnik)
* Typos in the animate forest description fixed. (Paul Nguyen, Kender)
* You can no longer petrify or stone to flesh quest items. (Lorenzo Batallones)
* Items that fall in a hole will not be revealed up on the next level's map. (Kender)
* Zapping a wand of invisibility at yourself when you are already invisible from a permament source no longer reports "You are invisible." (Kender)
* No longer falsely get system shock if a creature you possessed, but released when it was polymorphed, is finally slain. (Mental Mouse)
* The Regenerate spell now works for creatures with No Regeneration, as was intended. (Mental Mouse)
* Flesh golems can once more regenerate. (They lost this in the no-regen sweep) (Mental Mouse)
* Giant Spiders have defences better fitting their explevel. (Mental Mouse)
* The earth hammer is now made from stone as you'd expect. (Kender)
* The spell Summon Daemon now spells Daemon like the rest of POWDER. (Mental Mouse)
* Typo fixed in Golden Tridude description. (Mental Mouse)
* Clarify cave troll description. (Metnal Mouse)
* s/byte/sting/ for scorpion description. (Mental Mouse)
* Clarify butcher skill description. (Mental Mouse)
* Water elementals no longer leave corpse.
* Eaten intrinsicly poisonous corpses now has a significantly shorter timeout. (Kender)
* Attacks which deal multiple types of damage in the same hit will have damage reduction applied to each of the types, rather than only to the first type. (Mental Mouse)
* Vampire bats will no longer chase players which they aren't interested in. (Kender)
* Option to email character dumps on the iPhone to get them out of the black box.
* Searching due to intrinsics will put Searching on the status line, and multiple manual searches will report Seached x10.
* Improved the Akoi Meexx 12x12 tiles, for less ugly pixels when in landscape mode on the iPhone.
* Makefiles for Linux have $(LDFLAGS) added.
* The torches in the Lomaka tiles have been fixed to show up in the correct hand. (Martin Rittweger)
* The Wish command now includes the ability to take on a monster's form and stats, so you can play as a monster if you wish. (Robert Barber)
* On level up, the number of Piety points you have in each class is displayed beside the class name so you can better judge which class to pick. (Matthew Wyatt)

The artpack for this version can be grabbed here.

The Windows and Mac versions are shipped with the SDL, the PSP version compiled with the SDL. You may replace this version with the latest version. POWDER conforms to section 3 of the LGPL: you can download a tarball of the SDL code here or directly from http://www.libsdl.org. The WinCE and GP2X versions both use SDL but are hosted by parties other than myself.

Note: While the highscore is kept, save games are never preserved between versions. Please wait until your current character dies before upgrading.

Téléchargement :
Powder 115-1.zip
Source : www.zincland.com


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