[Wii] The Castles of Dr. Creep r270

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[Wii] The Castles of Dr. Creep r270

Message par Cid2Mizard » 28 août 2010 21:11


Segra propose le portage de "The Castles of Dr. Creep" pour la wii, jeu de plateforme sortit sur le Commodore 64 en 1980.
Portage sortit en juillet dernier qui n'avait pas était newsé par nos soins sans avoir eu la preuve de son execution, merci à beredezebe pour nous avoir fournit la rom vadie.

SVN-270 Windows and Nintendo Wii Packages are now available for download

* Wii WAD/Dol Version now available! (sound is buggy)
* Options Menu is now implemented

Level selection is now done via the options menu, by pressing F1 during the intro (this does however limit the number of castles accessible)

Wii Instructions:
Depending on how you intend to launch the game, you need to Download atleast 'wii_SD_drcreep-270.zip'.
If you want to install it as a channel, you will also require 'Castles of Dr. Creep - REEP.wad'
wii_SD_drcreep is extracted to your SD Card (you also need to copy the D64 into the data folder, same as the other versions).

Téléchargement :
The Castles of Dr. Creep r270.zip
Source : creep.sourceforge.net


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