[NDS] Sokoban Touch & Go! - preview

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[NDS] Sokoban Touch & Go! - preview

Message par Cid2Mizard » 22 juil. 2010 10:47

maRk2512 propose une version preview de son nouveau puzzle game pour la nintendo DS, "Sokoban Touch & Go!".

Here's a early preview version of my latest project "Sokoban Touch & GO!"
Yes, i know... ...another sokoban game. But give it a try.
I'm a big fan of sokoban - but i hate this endless "keyboard hacking" in other games.
With the new stylus control you can play sokoban comfortable like never before!
This game recycles a lot of old stuff from some of my former projects. (Pathfinding is from old PuzzleBoy BETA, 3d classes from Bluebear, ect...)
Have fun!

PS: A: Restarts the map, B: Undo moves
EDIT: The games uses NitroFS so you need a compatible flashcard or hbmenu.

Téléchargement :
Sokoban_Touch&Go! preview.zip
Source : www.palib-dev.com


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