[NDS] DS Doom SVN v1.4

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[NDS] DS Doom SVN v1.4

Message par Cid2Mizard » 09 juin 2014 15:03

Kippykip et elhobbs proposent la version 1.4 de "DS Doom SVN", portage de Doom basé sur le moteur de jeu prboom pour la nintendo DS. Le projet est la reprise et la suite de DS Doom, initialement développé par Wintermute.

DsDoom SVN 1.4

*New menu, still things to add
*Fixed the weapon switch with the super shotgun on TNT and PLUTONIA
*Fixed the off-center intermission screen

*Finish the new menu

DsDoom SVN 1.3

*Fixed the icon
*Changed the controls
- X = Weapon Down
- Y = Fire
- B = Sprint/Use/Escape on menus
- A = Weapon Up/Enter on menus
*You can now select the Super Shotgun in Doom2+
*There is now a keyboard on the bottom screen (Cheats don't work for whatever reason atm)
You can change weapons with this easier though
*Fixed the high pitched beeps in the music finishes/changes
*Corrected the versions on the first screen
*Other minor bugs I forgot

*Bring back the automap
*Fix the off-center intermission screen
*Make prboom.cfg SAVE

DsDoom SVN 1.2
*MUSIC!!! - Thanks to elhobbs :D
*Fixed that small hud bug with 'Arms'
*Single Screen
*New icon!

*The head on the HUD is slightly buggy by 1 pixel
*There is no automap at all now... oops
*Sometimes sounds will not play if there are a lot of instuments in a song
*A ton of other bugs

DsDoom SVN 1.1
*No more screen scaling!
It now directly renders at 256x192!

*When you complete a map the text is a little off-center.
*The 'Arms' on the status bar 1 pixel off

DsDoom SVN 1.0
*Improved the first screen.
*WAD Selection.
*Original 'Ouch' face bug fixed.

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