[Wii] BennuGD Wii RC1

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[Wii] BennuGD Wii RC1

Message par beredezebe » 26 févr. 2011 12:25

josebita réalise la version RC1 de "BennuGD Wii", utilitaire prometteur servant à compiler des jeux codés en Bennu venant de n'importe quelle plateforme sur Wii. Il ne s'utilise par contre pas de la même façon qu'un homebrew normal, j'ai donc concocté un tutoriel spécialement à ce sujet et en français à cette adresse. Si vous êtes anglophones, je vous recommande ce tutoriel, cependant moins complet.

Le langage bennu est un un langage peu connu en France qui est une améloration du Fenix. Pour en savoir plus, allez sur le site francophone du projet.

It's time to release RC1 of BennuGD for Wii.
You can seed a list of changes below:

• The code is now much easir to mantain thanks to a slightly redesigned design (more on this to come) and is fully up to date with the upstream sources and overall, the port should feel much more stable.
• Finally found the reason to why some FNT files weren't loading: seems like there's a bug in zlib for Wii that prevents it from working as documented (try to open file as gzipped, if that fails, try to open it as a raw data file). Somewhy it ends up reading from the file in incorrect places. To avoid that, always make sure your FNT files are gzipped. You can know that they're gzipped if you open them with your favourite uncompressor and they open correctly.
• Small bugs fixed here and there.

I'm calling it RC1 as I consider it to be ready for public consumption, even there's a problem triggered with multiple Wiimotes that I must fix.

So what now? For the next releases I'm planning on:

• Trying to fix the joystick bug in SDL. Right now SDL seems to give wrong info about the number of present joysticks and when they were pressed.
• Improving mod_wpad to support button state reading and include Wii MotionPlus support.
• Integrating mod_chipmunk into the build for reallistic physics simulations.

Hope you liked the news! Have fun.

Téléchargement :
BennuGD_Wii RC1.zip
Source : bennugd-wii.blogspot.com
Site Officiel : www.bennugd.org


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