[Wii] WiiMC-SS v1.3.4 Mod 5

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[Wii] WiiMC-SS v1.3.4 Mod 5

Message par Cid2Mizard » 22 mai 2018 19:00


SuperrSonic proposent un 5ème Mod de la version 1.3.4 de "WiiMC", excellent lecteur multimédia pour la nintendo Wii. Il est recommandé d'installer le IOS 58 au préalable pour utiliser des média qui se trouverai sur USB.

Hello there, I've been maintaining a personal version of WiiMC, at the time I just wanted to correct the aspect ratio in 4:3 mode (672->704) and remove deflicker filtering. But soon after, I started experimenting and looking for features I never use and remove them to increase memory. I removed the picture viewer, NTFS/EXT libs, themes, and disabled a large amount of codecs.

I allocated more memory for the GUI, and added some new things:

-Enabled ADX audio decoding

I mean this is a gaming console so why not support game music formats?
So far only ADX files from NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams seem to play incorrectly.

-GameCube controller support

Every button from the wiimote (Form Baton) is currently mapped.
Please note that there are still some things that require the pointer.

-The option to disable the H.264 deblock filter on a per video basis

To disable simply change the extension of your video to ".dash".
Disabling this increases decoding speed a lot, but decreases visual quality, however depending on the video you can get away with it quite well. Keep in mind that the Netflix app for Wii does this for both main and baseline profiles.

-Added an option to enable the volume normalizer audio filter. (A restart is needed when changing from methods)
-Added an option to always zoom videos to 4:3 ratio. (H zoom should be ~133%, this setting only works if your Wii is set to 4:3 mode)
-Added an option to enable deflicker, 480i and 480p supported.
-Added an option to scale screen width to 720.
You will find these new options in the settings menu. For volnorm set it to "2" to enable volnorm method 2.

-Added Screen Burn-in Reduction support
To enable simply go to Settings->Global, it will dim the screen if the screen saver is active after 4 seconds.
This setting requires ahbprot disabled.

-Added an option to switch to 240p mode.
This setting can be found in the global section.

Update May 16, 2018: Added Wiimpathy's autoboot file support, added 240p switching.
Update April 22, 2018: Enable GC controller to work in window prompts, add max VI width setting, hide YT quality levels from the settings menu.
Update April 17, 2018: Enable seeking in http streams, added new options to the settings menu, added global setting for skipping deblocking, added burn-in reduction.
Other minor changes:
-subfont-autoscale set to 0
-add .thp as a valid video extension
-disable forced marginV = 20
-sub settings now start with marginV 20
-re-use ffmpeg vorbis (whoops)
-removed some misc libass settings that might have affected performance.

Update June 17, 2017: A fix for specific videos(MKV files with certain framerates) that would hang if using frameskip.
Update June 10, 2017: Added a full version including all the features of WiiMC-SS, without removing anything.

WiiMC-SS features:

704(square) screen width.
Attractive pointer.
GameCube controller support.
Enabled ADX decoding.
Optional 240p mode.
Exposed the volume normalizer filter.
Added ".dash" extension, using this extension will skip the deblock filter.
Made the deflicker filter optional.
Removed picture viewer to increase memory.
Removed NTFS and EXT libs to increase memory.
Disabled some minor codecs to increase memory.
Default to gray theme.

Téléchargements :
WiiMC-SS v1.3.4 Mod5.zip

WiiMC Channel Installer v2.0.zip
IOS 58 Installer.zip
Source : gbatemp.net
Site Officiel : github.com


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