[NDS] The Legend of Zelda : The Shards of Light - Demo

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[NDS] The Legend of Zelda : The Shards of Light - Demo

Message par Cid2Mizard » 12 août 2010 21:04

BassAceGold annonce l'abandon définitif du développement de son remake pour la DS du premier opus de la série Zelda sortit sur nes , "The Legend of Zelda", intitulé pour l'occasion "The Legend of Zelda : The Shards of Light". Il délivre ainsi le jeu en l'état, c'est à dire remplis de petits bugs avec uniquement le premier boss codé, ce qui en fait une grosse démo.

I will not be continuing this project as explained in my previous post so here is The Legend of Zelda: The Shards of Light. Only one boss is partially coded, the graphics are incomplete and inconsistent, the music is unfinished, there are missing sounds, and plenty of bugs with debug menus and buttons intact. So really you can’t complete the game. You can walk around and explore levels and collect most of the items but that is about it. Just a really big demo.

To run, make sure you have a nitroFS compatible flash card card. The save file will be created on the root of your card.

I will not be working on this game anymore so please do not email me about bugs. The source code will also not be released as currently it is in no shape to be released as it spans a few years of me learning coding techniques etc.

Téléchargement :
Zelda-TSOL Demo.zip
Source : bag.nfnet.org


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