[SWITCH] Ken's Labyrinth v3.1.1

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[SWITCH] Ken's Labyrinth v3.1.1

Message par Cid2Mizard » 28 janv. 2019 10:15

sacredbanana alias NightFox propose la version 3.1.1 de "Ken's Labyrinth", portage de "LAB3D/SDL", moteur du jeu Ken's Labyrinth pour la nintendo Switch.

Announcing my port of Ken's Labyrinth for Nintendo Switch

The classic MS-DOS shooter by Ken Silverman finally running native on a portable platform! This is based off the enhanced SDL port for Windows and Linux with enhanced textures and 60fps rendering.
Includes the complete game and uses Adlib emulation for the music. If there are any bugs or feedback then please let me know. The game is also in the Homebrew AppStore.

Known bugs:

A couple of instruments are silent so I had to substitute them for similar sounding ones that work
Highscore and game saves can't get a keyboard input for name entry so they default to the name Ken or use the Switch account name if you are signed in. If there's an available on-screen keyboard for this part then let me know!
Replacing the data files with the files from Ken's Labyrinth 1.0, the game loads fine but none of the controls work

Change log:

3.1.1: 2019-01-27
NOTE: If updating from 3.0.0 you will need to delete Ken2.nro because the new
executable has a different name.

* Switch - Renamed executable so that it appears properly in the homebrew menu in SX OS
* Switch - Swapped select and cancel buttons for menus
* Switch - Use Switch account name if user is signed in, "Ken" otherwise
* Switch - Improved use of depth buffer
* Switch - Quitting game from main menu now quits gracefully
Téléchargement :
(NRO) : Kens-Labyrinth v3.1.1.zip
Source : gbatemp.net
Site Officiel : github.com


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