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[SWITCH] Fade to Black v1.0

Posté : 25 sept. 2018 18:31
par Cid2Mizard

Usineur propose la version 1.0 de "Fade to Black", portage du moteur de jeu "f2bgl" pour la nintendo Switch.


Copy f2bgl.nro to /switch/f2bgl/ folder.
Copy datafiles to /switch/f2bgl/data/. Refer to the README to know which files/directories are required.
Datafiles are not provided in this release. Grab a copy of the game by your own way.
Full CD-Rom image is around 450 Mb.


In-game hotkeys

Left stick / Left D-pad Move Conrad (run)
Hold R + Move Conrad Walk, step aside (also in gun mode)
A Activate / Shoot
B Toggle gun mode
Y Reload gun
X Jump
ZR Use secondary weapon
ZL Use item
- Open inventory menu
+ Open saveload menu

Inventory menu

L Next category
R Consult item
A Select item
← Previous item
→ Next item
- Exit this menu

Saveload menu

↑ ↓ Toggle Save / Load mode
← → Previous / Next slot
A Validate
+ Exit this menu
Know bugs / issues

You may encounter graphics glitches and crashes. Some of them exists in the original engine which is still WIP.
Note: this port is based on the 0.2.3 version.

Feel free to report issues.


First public release.


Grégory Montoir, for the original engine;
Everybody behind libnx, SDL2, OpenGL, mesa, libdrm, ...
Téléchargement :
(NRO) : f2bgl v1.0.rar
Source :
Site Officiel :