[SWITCH] pSNES v2.0=>2.1

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[SWITCH] pSNES v2.0=>2.1

Message par Cid2Mizard » 19 sept. 2018 15:21

Cpasjuste propose la version 2.0 puis 2.1 avec le support de OpenGL de "pSNES", portage de l'émulateur Snes9X pour la nintendo Switch.
pSNES propose une excellente interface utilisatrice avec screenshots et informations sur les roms, basée sur celle de pFBA.

Here it is, pSNES with OpenGL (and shaders) support : https://github.com/Cpasjuste/psnes/releases

use OpenGL for rendering, which allow some nicer ui effects (thanks armada, fincs, subv... for theire work on mesa/nouveau)
point filtering can now be used in any rendering size
add a few libretro shaders (retro-v2, scanlines, pixellate, crt easymode, crt geom, sharp bilinear, sharp bilinear scanlines, sabr v3, xbrz, supereagle). Note that some shader will work better in integer scaling (2x, 3x), and some will have a better effect with linear filtering (sharp bilinear). Also, some are very intensive (crt geom, sabr, xbrz) and may not work fullspeed in some emulators (pSNES).

There is maybe some new bugs added, we'll see !

pSNES 2.1

fix major slowdown after a few seconds of usage (thanks fincs)
fix save states loading
fix screen not completely cleared on rom launch (prevent garbage)
remove black borders in fit, fit 4/3 and fullscreen modes
add fps counter option
add "high res" option, to be enabled only if really needed (secret of mana menus for example) as it impact perfomances
update to latest snes9x.git
Téléchargement :
(NRO) : pSNES v2.1.zip
Source : gbatemp.net
Site Officiel : github.com


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