[SWITCH] EdiZon v1.4.0

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[SWITCH] EdiZon v1.4.0

Message par Cid2Mizard » 21 août 2018 8:30

thomasnet propose la version 1.4.0 de "EdiZon", éditeur de sauvegardes pour la nintendo Switch.

This is mostly a bug fix and behind the scenes release which will make a lot of things easier or possible for config developers

Please update ALL you configs and scripts! They won't work anymore with this version!
Full changelog

Lua now supports 64 bit numbers
Full unsigned and signed 32 bit numbers can now be used as min/max value
Fixed crash when no save files or games are on the system
Configs can now have different offsets based on what game version is installed
Fixed value widget increment/decrement acceleration
Added equations which get applied before displaying it or before saving it to the file
Added config file redirection (Useful for games with different titleIDs for different regions)
Téléchargement :
(NRO) : EdiZon v1.4.0.zip
Source : gbatemp.net
Site Officiel : github.com


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