[SWITCH] EdiZon v1.3.3

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[SWITCH] EdiZon v1.3.3

Message par Cid2Mizard » 29 juil. 2018 7:30

thomasnet propose la version 1.3.3 de "EdiZon", éditeur de sauvegardes pour la nintendo Switch.

Full changelog 1.3.3
Savefiles encoded in UTF-8 and UTF-16 can now get parsed by the editor
Implemented multithreading so animations look a lot smoother now!
If some animations are too fast, please tell me
Since the devkit recently fixed exceptions, EdiZon isn't crashing anymore when loading a faulty config file.
Also added a message which gets displayed in this case

Full changelog 1.3.2
Fully fixed that extra byte being added to binary save files. I'm so stupid...
Categories are scrollable now! No more categories going off-screen :)
Added a "Checking for updates" dialog when pressing - , so the switch doesn't just freeze up
The position of the cursor in the title select screen now remembers its position when entering and exiting the editor
Save files you can edit now display in the correct order once again
Button icons are drawn a bit higher up now
DEVELOPERS ONLY: People who want to debug EdiZon or the Editor Scripts but don't want to connect their Switch to a WiFi network can now create a file called EdiZon.log inside their /EdiZon folder. This will redirect all STDOUT and STDERR to that log file.
Updated all configs and scripts to the latest version

Full changelog 1.3.1
Fixed the bug that an extra zero byte gets added at the end of a binary save file
Backed up save files are now displayed in reverse order which makes them display from latest to oldest.
Fixed regex file paths only showing exactly one save file, even if there are multiples.
Updated all configs and scripts to the latest version

Full changelog 1.3
Added automatic update feature for configs, scripts and EdiZon. Just press the - button in the title select screen.
Added Regex capability to save file paths.
Added possibility to get a string representation of a save file in the scripts.
This shortens the load time of e.g big json save files from 5 seconds to < 0.5 seconds.
Added a hint text to the title select screen
Fixed LOTS of issues with the save editor crashing the switch or not displaying items correctly.
Stability intensifies!
Many small bug fixes and performance improvements.
I can't remember all of them anymore.
EdiZon's better now. Trust me.
Téléchargement :
(NRO) : EdiZon v1.3.3.zip
Source : gbatemp.net
Site Officiel : github.com


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