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[SWITCH] PCSX-ReARMed v0.0.1=>0.0.2

Posté : 26 juil. 2018 17:07
par Cid2Mizard

rock88 propose la version 0.0.1 puis 0.0.2 de "PCSX-ReARMed", portage de l'émulateur Playstation du même nom pour la nintendo Switch.

It's a quick port of PCSX-ReARMed, so currently it work with interpreter about half speed (maybe more), no sound, no menu.
Port based on libnx.

What works:

Full screen image output
Memcard saves
FPS meter (but it bound with screen updates so with frameskip = 1 it may display not real emulation speed value xD)

Download & unpack zip, put pcsx_rearmed folder to SD://switch (path to nro should be SD://switch/pcsx_rearmed/pcsx_rearmed.nro)

Place game images to pcsx_rearmed folder, then manually edit pcsx_rearmed.cfg file

game = test.bin; // just replace 'test.bin' with image name here
frameskip = 0; // 0 or 1


GUI file selector, menu
and much more xD

Changelog 0.0.2 :
Set frameskip to 1;
Add zip option in Makefile
Téléchargement :
(NRO) : pcsx_rearmed

Source :
Site Officiel :