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[SWITCH] Switch SDL Pong v0.2

Posté : 28 mai 2018 5:45
par Cid2Mizard

Cheeze propose la version 0.2 de son adaptation du jeu d'arcade Pong pour la nintendo Switch, "Switch SDL Pong".

This is my pretty basic attempt at implementing pong for the nintendo switch using c++ and sdl2. Im no expert at writing programs or nothing. It still needs a lot of work, as of now its single player vs an extremely basic a.i. (who cheats, allegedly) or 2 players.I will continue development until it is fully featured. anywho enjoy!

Version 0.2
added 2 player support
made sound play when a player scores

Copy the switch folder to the root of your switch sd card.
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(NRO) : switch_sdl_pong
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