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[Compo] Toy Wars Wii

Posté : 31 mai 2011 20:46
par davidgf
Nom : Toy Wars Wii Version
Auteur(s) : davidgf
Origine : Spain

First of all I apologize for not talking french. I'm very bad at it, but I can understand it quite well (never studied it!)

Petite description
Toy Wars is a game in which you take the role of a group of Toys which fight in a house. It's heavily inspierd on Toy Commander, that great old game from SEGA Dreamcast. The Wii port has some issues like the absence of some animations (of walls and fences) and no lighting. Beside that the game workd pretty well. I'll try to update the errors this week if I have time. I'm uploading it right now, just check the md5 sum!

Second update: It hasn't been tested in real Wii, but I fixed the last bug. I don't know if its legal this update, but it's still 31 o USA ;)
2nd update: ...
md5sum: 85725bf81e5f0d1f44c33bffe615a4ca

1r update: ...
md5sum bbdad17376859fafeb2623f59f68277e
The update has not been tested on a real Wii, so if it doesn't work, please use the old one. Sorry I do not own a Wii. It includes french language and fixes the game speed, which is too fast in the old version, you always defeat the enemies!
Original file: ...
Link to the config file: ... max/config

The controls
The game is designed to be played with the classic gamecube controller. If you want to use the Wiimote+Nunchunk you'll need to copy the "config" file attached to the root of the SD card.
Triggers: Accelerate/deaccelerate/Brake (both at the same time)
Shoot: Button A & B (primary and sec.)
Weapon change: X in combination with arrows (digital pad)
Vehicle change: Y in combination with digital pad
Start: pause.
Digital pad: camera movement.

You can and should check the Genesis Competition Toy Wars entry, you can find more info in case you need it.

Unpack the ZIP file.
You should have your dol file in apps/toywars/ and in the ROOT of the SD card you should have the .data file and you have to create and empty folder called "profiles", if you don't create it it won't work.
Also copy the config file to use wiimote+nuncunk.

Sorry for being so rudimentary, the PSP version is more polished but I dont' have much time.
This is a temporal release. I'll update very soon, in a minute!
I'm copypasting a little both on gbatemp and nintendomax!

I want to thank Jason, without his help this wouldn't be possible!

Update: VIDEO
Courtesy of Jason!

Re: [Compo] Toy Wars Wii

Posté : 02 juin 2011 8:34
par Cid2Mizard
Vous devriez revoir vos commandes et le splashscreen qui est trop petit à mon gout.

Re: [Compo] Toy Wars Wii

Posté : 02 juin 2011 14:30
par davidgf
What controls, the classic gamepad or the wiimote? If you make a suggestion I'll change it, I don't own a Wii, so I can't test them!
And the little splash screen is a problem with the game, because it's designed to be 16:9, like the PSP screen. I'll have a look.
Could you ask the maker of the screen to make a 16:9 version? It could be nice.... Just wondering!

Re: [Compo] Toy Wars Wii

Posté : 02 juin 2011 20:16
par Cid2Mizard
Avec la wiimote, comment on change de véhicule lorsqu'il y en a deux de prévu dans l'épreuve ? Pour le splashscreen => ... 1_wide.png

Re: [Compo] Toy Wars Wii

Posté : 04 juin 2011 21:07
par davidgf

FIxed some bugs and updated the splashscreen. I fixed a bug with the controls, one button was wrong (the vehicle change I presume).
Can anyone test it please? Now you can change the button mapping for the wiimote/nunchuck. Also changed the files location. ...

Note that now everything is located at apps/toywars instead of root folder. Note also that in order to change the button mapping you have to edit the config file (located at sd:/apps/toywars/) and modify the button numbers.


Re: [Compo] Toy Wars Wii

Posté : 04 juin 2011 21:54
par EvilTroopa
Why don't you use some lights/normals ? I know it's a port, but you could greatly improve the visuals by using them, and it's not difficult at all to implement.
Because everything looks really flat here, and it's too bad your Wii port would just look like any other previous version.

Re: [Compo] Toy Wars Wii

Posté : 04 juin 2011 22:33
par davidgf
I'm currentyl messing around the TEV stages to implement glLight, but I'm very new to Wii scene (just a month) and I've just managed to do a very basic implementation!
I tried some days ago, but no luck, I'll have to study a bit more the code from GRRLIB. In everything it's implemented, it's the same code for PSP and PC, only light enabling using tve stages must be done.
If you have something interesting just feel free to send it!


Re: [Compo] Toy Wars Wii

Posté : 05 juin 2011 23:44
par davidgf
Hey Cid! If it works (I'm refering to the last update) it's my final version for the Competition. If it doesn't work at all, just forget it.
Could you try please? It's just to update the entry for gbatemp, too. Thank you!