[3DS] Anemone3DS v2.1.0 beta

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[3DS] Anemone3DS v2.1.0 beta

Message par Cid2Mizard » 21 août 2018 14:05


astronautlevel2 propose la version 2.1.0 beta de "Anemone3DS", excellent manager de thèmes pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS.

Beta release of v2.1.0.

The main purpose of this beta is to test the compatibility of the new QR code scanner as much as possible before the v2.1.0 release. Full change-log below:


Changed Title ID to not conflict with a game - this means you'll have to uninstall the old version of Anemone3DS after updating to v2.1.0.
Fixed various bugs caused by an outdated libarchive version.
Fixed various bugs related to previous caused by lodepng by switching to libpng.
Fixed race condition in icon scrolling.
Fixed screen tearing in the QR reader.
Fixed bug caused by playing music even when there was no theme preview.
Fixed it being possible to try to preview themes/splashes even when there were no themes or splashes.
Fixed bug caused by attempting to play audio when dspfirm wasn't dumped.
Fixed bug caused by attempting to install BGM for shuffle themes even when there was none.
Fixed various bugs caused by not properly zeroing out files when creating them.
Properly update the installed splash.


Huge improvements to the QR code reader's speed. This is likely the fastest/smoothest it can possibly be (it's now on-par with QRaken and FBI) thanks to a combination of improved multithreading and switching graphics libraries.
Speaking of switching graphics libraries, we've completely switched from pp2d to citro2d! This allowed us to get the QR code reader substantially faster, as well as guarantees full support for the library in the future. Huge thanks to LiquidFenrir for doing most of the work of the change.
Switch to using spritesheets to load the sprites rather than just loading them all into the romfs.
Don't wait for audio to finish loading before displaying the preview image, making previews display in the snappy fashion they used to before the audio player.
Improved banner quality. Thanks to @TurdPooCharger for this!
Téléchargement :
(3DSX/CIA) : Anemone3DS v2.1.0 beta.zip

Source : github.com


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