[Wii] EasyRPG Player v0.5.1

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[Wii] EasyRPG Player v0.5.1

Message par Cid2Mizard » 11 avr. 2017 8:09


La EasyRPG Player Team propose, la version 0.5.1 de "EasyRPG Player", moteur de jeux RPG Maker 2000/2003 pour la Nintendo Wii.


The Wii version finally supports automatic encoding detection through the ICU library. The Wii version was the only one that lacked ICU, due to the CPU of the Wii which is a PowerPC. PowerPC is “Big endian” and most other platforms (like PC or Android) are “Little Endian”. The endianess influences how bytes are stored, e.g. Big stores as AA BB CC DD and Little as DD CC BB AA, so you have to swap the data (we do this when reading LDB and other files). To compile for Wii we “cross compile”, that means we use a compiler on our PC, that generates PowerPC code for the Wii (that’s faster and more convenient), but ICU doesn’t support mixed endian builds (because their build system involves running some tools on the PC which don’t support byte swapping). But we were finally able to find the bug in the ICU build system and now have a working version for the Wii (#1095).

Release date: 2017-04-09. Release notes, changes since 0.5.0: Player, liblcf.
Téléchargement :
EasyRPG Player Wii v0.5.1.zip

Source : wiibrew.org
Site Officiel : easyrpg.org


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