[NDS] FBA4DStwo v1.0

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[NDS] FBA4DStwo v1.0

Message par Cid2Mizard » 16 févr. 2017 19:41


Crazii nous a proposé le mois dernier la version 1.0 de "FBA4DStwo", portage de l'émulateur arcade fba4psp pour la nintendo DS.


I recently port the FBA4PSP arcade emulator to dstwo. Maybe it's a little late that most people don't plays DS and dstwo anymore, but I still want to share it.

plugin download: https://filetrip.net/dl?5CHLNzlDHQ
files & some roms(not all roms work): https://filetrip.net/dl?emDokZylqE

Why FBA4DStwo?
Theres's already a mame4alldstwo!

Mame4alldstwo has performance issues, and sound issues.
Until recently I bought a *ds2 plus* card, and hope it will handle mame4all better this time, but it didn't. Then I decide to make a playable one.
For now FBA4dstwo has a better performance over mame4alldstwo, try it if you doubt.

Supported games:

Cave/CPS1 games works good, with proper frame skip, most games are playable.
PGM games works too but a little bit slow, playable with higher frame skip setting. Tested game: Oriental Legend, Knights of Valour.
Neogeo games probably won't work, not tested, cuz ds2 only have 32M RAM, compared to PSP2000/3000 which have 64M RAM.
Other games that mame4alldstwo won't emulate: Gardians(DenjiMakai2), Shadow Force, etc.

What I have done

Basically porting
Some optimizations for dstwo.
Fix problems for PGM games, and fix the PGM sound emulation with newer official FBA code.

Coint: select
Start: start
In game frame skip: start + L, start + R. Default frame skip is 40%, means skiping 4 frames for every 10 frames.
Game return to menu: start + select

For large games (like PGM games), it will take long to build caches on the first run. Later runs will be fast.


OopsWare & Lbicelyne: who port FBA to PSP
Alekmaul: who share me mame4alldstwo source code, and I use some of its code for the FBA porting.
and the supercard team.

Téléchargement :
fba_dstwoplug.zip v1.0.zip
Attention, il faut un Linker SuperCard DSTWO pour utiliser cet émulateur. Il ne fonctionne pas sur les autres linkers !!!
Source : gbatemp.net
Site Officiel : forum.supercard.sc


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