[NGC] Genesis Plus GX v1.4.1

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[NGC] Genesis Plus GX v1.4.1

Message par Cid2Mizard » 04 déc. 2010 20:07


Eke-Eke propose la version 1.4.1 de son excellent émulateur SEGA MEGA DRIVE (GENESIS aux U.S.A.) pour la Nintendo Gamecube "Genesis Plus GX".

[cacher=changelog]1.4.1 (04/12/2010)

* improved VBLANK flag accuracy, as observed on real hardware.
* improved DMA operations accuracy, writes are now performed on a scanline basis: fixes Gaiares (flickering title screen).
* improved DMA Fill timing accuracy.
* fixed DMA with bad code values: fixes Williams Arcade Classics (corrupted gfx after soft reset).
* fixed horizontal resolution changes during HBLANK: fixes Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble (2nd stage).
* fixed Vertical Counter in interlace mode 1, as observed on real hardware.
* fixed horizontal border width, as observed on real hardware.
* various code improvments & optimizations.


* improved savestate format: added DMA, SVP, cartridge mapping & internal registers state informations
* improved unlicensed ROM mappers emulation
* added Chinese Fighters III mapper support
* added Top Fighter mapper support
* fixed Barver Battle Saga mapper support
* fixed cartridge hardware soft-reset (Game Genie, SVP, ...)
* fixed Game Genie registers byte reads


* added message box when inputs config uses disconnected controllers.
* added message box when settings are reseted to default on startup.
* fixed default inputs configuration.
* fixed memory leak in Cheat Menu causing spurious resets.
* added an option to enable/disable automatic cheat activation
* increased max number of cheat codes
* optimized cheat codes requiring RAM patching.
* improved default horizontal scaling to better match output from a real Mega Drive

Gamecube specific

* fixed inverted keys in cheat menu.
* fixed audio input frequency, now use exact audio hardware samplerate, as measured on my Game Cube (~48044 Hz),

(NB: Wii samplerate has been verified to be closer to 48000 Hz)

Wii specific

* added the possibility for any wiimotes to be used as input device, regardless of the connected expansion controller.
* fixed USB drive not being detected when application is loaded from USB (HBC), thanks to Tantric for the tips.[/cacher]

Téléchargement :
Genesis Plus GX v1.4.1.7z
Source : wiibrew.org
Site Officiel : code.google.com


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