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[NDS] melonDS v0.2[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard
StapleButter propose la version 0.2 de "melonDS", émulateur nintendo DS pour Windows et Linux.


melonDS 0.2

• preliminary sound
• various compatibility improvements and fixes
• various little speedups too
• cart transfer delays emulated
• RTC uses system time
• wifi stub -- games requiring wifi functionality shouldn't hang anymore
• 2D: windows
• 2D: various fixes to display capture
• 3D: toon/highlight shading, shadows, polygonID
• 3D: box test, pos test, vec test

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[NDS] Bad Apple DS[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard
Gericom propose "Bad Apple DS", adaptation du Même internet / Clip musical du même nom sous forme de démo technique pour la nintendo DS.

Well, it was about time. It seemed like there was no real Bad Apple rom for the Nintendo DS yet, so I decided to make one.

It runs at 60fps and with 48 kHz stereo audio. I'm using a simple video codec I created just for this video. It simply encodes each frame into a character bg for the ds, merging tiles that are the same into one. Each frame is then LZ77 compressed to reduce the size of the remaining data by about 50%.

Téléchargements :
Bad Apple DS (Japanese).zip
Bad Apple DS (English).zip

Source :

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[NDS] melonDS v0.1[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard
StapleButter propose la version 0.1 de "melonDS", émulateur nintendo DS pour Windows et Linux.


There's a new DS emulator in the town, and it's finally seeing its first public release!

melonDS is part of a second wave of DS emulators. There are a few other emulator projects that are part of it, which you might have already heard of. Either way, check them out!

Why start this project? Mostly for the sake of the challenge, but also because I believe the DS emulation scene needs some fresh air. The NO$GBA author is working hard to reverse-engineer, document and emulate the DSi, but aside from that, there isn't a lot of progress regarding the DS, and I feel that there are still things to be done.

So, without further ado, let's relive 2007! :P

melonDS 0.1


* almost-complete 2D graphics
* 3D graphics (software renderer) with texturing, alphablending, lighting
* input: keyboard and joystick, touchscreen
* backup memory
* booting from the BIOS
* resizable video output window, preserving aspect ratio of individual screens

How to use

melonDS requires BIOS/firmware dumps from a DS. You can dump them with the following dumper.

The files must be placed in the same directory as the melonDS executable, as follows:

* bios7.bin -- ARM7 BIOS, 16KB
* bios9.bin -- ARM9 BIOS, 4KB
* firmware.bin -- firmware, 256KB or 512KB

Note: the DS-mode firmware in the 3DS isn't bootable. It only contains the bare minimum required to run DS games. Be sure to enable direct game boot when using a firmware dump from a 3DS.


Emulation: settings related to emulation. For now it lets you enable direct game boot (directly runs the game instead of going through the firmware).

Input: allows you to configure keyboard and joystick input. You can change a mapping by clicking the corresponding entry, then pressing a keyboard key or joystick button. For now, joystick input uses the first joystick available if multiple joysticks are plugged.

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[NDS] FBA4DStwo v1.0[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

Crazii nous a proposé le mois dernier la version 1.0 de "FBA4DStwo", portage de l'émulateur arcade fba4psp pour la nintendo DS.


I recently port the FBA4PSP arcade emulator to dstwo. Maybe it's a little late that most people don't plays DS and dstwo anymore, but I still want to share it.

plugin download:
files & some roms(not all roms work):

Why FBA4DStwo?
Theres's already a mame4alldstwo!

Mame4alldstwo has performance issues, and sound issues.
Until recently I bought a *ds2 plus* card, and hope it will handle mame4all better this time, but it didn't. Then I decide to make a playable one.
For now FBA4dstwo has a better performance over mame4alldstwo, try it if you doubt.

Supported games:

Cave/CPS1 games works good, with proper frame skip, most games are playable.
PGM games works too but a little bit slow, playable with higher frame skip setting. Tested game: Oriental Legend, Knights of Valour.
Neogeo games probably won't work, not tested, cuz ds2 only have 32M RAM, compared to PSP2000/3000 which have 64M RAM.
Other games that mame4alldstwo won't emulate: Gardians(DenjiMakai2), Shadow Force, etc.

What I have done

Basically porting
Some optimizations for dstwo.
Fix problems for PGM games, and fix the PGM sound emulation with newer official FBA code.

Coint: select
Start: start
In game frame skip: start + L, start + R. Default frame skip is 40%, means skiping 4 frames for every 10 frames.
Game return to menu: start + select

For large games (like PGM games), it will take long to build caches on the first run. Later runs will be fast.


OopsWare & Lbicelyne: who port FBA to PSP
Alekmaul: who share me mame4alldstwo source code, and I use some of its code for the FBA porting.
and the supercard team.


Téléchargement :

Attention, il faut un Linker SuperCard DSTWO pour utiliser cet émulateur. Il ne fonctionne pas sur les autres linkers !!!

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[NDS] no$gba v2.8e[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard
Martin Korth propose la version 2.8e de No$gba, excellent (probablement le meilleur) émulateur nintendo DS et Game Boy Advance pour Windows et DOS.


No$gba v2.8e Changelog:
- gba/bugfix: forces WAITCNT.15=readonly (for DKong:KingOfSwing, thanks endrift)
- dsi/teak/a22i: added TeakLite II assembler (supports most TL+TL2 opcodes)
- dsi/teak/help: specs for teak cpu flags (which opcodes affect which flags)
- dsi/teak/help: specs for memory mapped I/O ports on teak/dsp side
- dsi/teak/help: specs for teak CPU registers, details for operand encoding
- dsi/teak/help: specs for teak st0-2,icr plus undoc stt0-2,mod0-3
- dsi/emmc: detects/supports debug-version eMMC images (tweaks port 4004024h)
- dsi/help: cleaned up some RSA descriptions, notes on debug-version RSA keys
- dsi/help: first attempts on describing SCFG_xxx registers for ARM7 side
- nds/wifi/help: added details on ds-download-play's openpgp-rsa-sha1 signature
- dsi/boot: mimmicked support for booting with AR6013 (when WifiFlash[1FDh]=2)
- dsi/dsdump: released dumping tool for dsi memory areas and chip IDs
- nds/wifi: released dswifi ASM port (and bugfixes for original dswifi-library)
- dsi/wifi/a22i: added assembler support for atheros/xtensa instruction set
- dsi/wifi/disass: fixed bugs for ANY/ALL/4/8 and EXTUI-based SHR pseudo-opcode
- bugfix: handles 16bit (not 32bit) return value of GetKeyState/GetAsyncKeyState
- nds/wifi/help: added note on W_IF acknowledging for counter half-overflows
- dsi/tmd/help: added age ratings and public/private .sav entries in .tmd specs
- dsi/devicelist/help: added DSi SD/MMC Device List chapter (for carthdr[1D4h])
- dsi/startdirect: initializes device list, aes keys, etc. (still imperfect)
- fontfile/help: more info on dsi font file (compression, nitrofont, characters)
- lz/help: added pseudo code for lzss, lz11, and lzrev decompression
- bootinfo/help: SHA1 WifiFlash[00h..27h] and eMMCBootInfo[00h..FFh,180h..1FFh]
- whitelist/help: info on RSA-SHA1's, SHA1-HMAC's and missing RSA check in v1.4E
- flipnote/help: info on various flipnote files, rsa, md5, xor-encryption
- rsa/help: added info on rsa basics, rsa pseudo code, rsa big-endian format
- rsa/help: added note on SWI 23h using OpenPGP Message Format (RFC 4880)
- rsa/bios: 80x86 dsi bios clone supports RSA bios functions (SWI 20h..23h)
- nds/bugfix: disables dsi I/O ports in DS mode (avoids misdetecting DS as DSi)

Téléchargements :
no$gba (Win)
no$gba-debug (Win)
no$gba-d (DOS)

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[NDS] GameYob v0.5.1=>0.5.2[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard
Drenn réalise la version 0.5.1 puis 0.5.2 de "GameYob", émulateur Game Boy / Game Boy Color pour la Nintendo DS/DSi.


GameYob is an open-source Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator, developed by me (Drenn), for the Nintendo DS. It has plenty of features that makes it a very complete application, like save states, mappable buttons, fast forwarding, rumble pak support and much more.

Known Issues (v0.5.2)
- Having "autosaving" enabled (as it is by default) can cause lag in some games. You may want to disable this feature; if you do, you will need to exit out of the game before exiting GameYob itself, or you will lose your progress.
- When running as a CIA on a New 3DS, the "touch" input gets spammed automatically. Adjust the "Key Config" settings to disable touch input.
- The screen sometimes goes black after opening the menu or loading from a suspend state. Toggle the menu to fix it.


Version 0.5.2

- Updated to DevkitARM r46 for better DSi support.
- Added an installable CIA file to run as DSiWare.
- Certain 3DS-side launchers such as TWLoader now work again.
- Added "touch" as a configurable button.
- When running as a CIA on the New 3DS, the "touch" input gets spammed for no reason.
It can now be disabled as a workaround.

Version 0.5.1:

- Savegame management has been modified to prevent corruption as reported by some.
- Autosaving is laggier due to the above. Consider turning it off.
- The configuration file has been moved from "gameyob.ini" to "gameyobds.ini" to prevent
conflicts with GameYob 3DS.
- A "single-screen mode" has been added.

Téléchargement :

Source :

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[NDS] SNEmulDS v0.6 (Revival)[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard
cotodevel propose la version 0.6 dite "Survival" de "SNEmulDS", émulateur Super Nintendo pour la nintendo DS.
En effet la version est dite Survival car coto a repris les travaux de archeide stoppé en 2008.
L'archive a été compilé par mes soins.


SnemulDS 0.6 [Revival]

extract all four linker files ( on this directory:


then create a new folder, copy source code like you would on any DS project open MSYS and MAKE.

then copy snemul.cfg and snemulds.nds to root of your SD, bootup cart, and enjoy.

btw, use cycle hacks if you want decent speed.

Coto, changes:

re-fixed some arm7 sound code, rewritten interrupts on both ARM Cores, includes APU (IRQs 100% hardware now) this means less battery usage, and better use of NDS hardware.

some code cleanup, fixed 0x06000000 vram conflicts for APU / background engines mapping (bg engines now use 0x06020000)

using nds dma 3 for pixel copy to vram bank

up to date devkitpro , using libfat sources directly instead a precompiled library.

replaced fifo commands from libnds. Now using a new NDS hardware FIFO overlayer, which fixes most games that didn't boot on earlier builds, (but they did boot on old Snemuldsv6 0.2 precompiled from SnemulDS site).

new IPC FIFO hardware API that allows to read/write from map that is ONLY available to the other ARM Core. Ie: You want to read/write 0x037f8000 which is ARM7-only, now you can from ARM9!

to do:

fix Mode 0 (no transparency/broken)
fix memory leaks when games exceed the existing paging memory pool (6MB games)

thanks to:

Archeide for the emulator & source code Bubble2k for CPU core Gladius for Sound Core


Téléchargements :
SNEmulDS v0.6 (Revival).zip
SNEmulDS v0.6a (Original).zip

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[NDS] Chuckie Egg DS - beta[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard
ant512 propose une version beta de "Chuckie Egg DS", remake du jeu de Plates-formes Chuckie_Egg dans sa version Dragon 32 pour la nintendo DS.


Here's a beta of a new homebrew game: ...

It's a remake of Chuckie Egg. But - aha! - this is a remake of the Dragon 32 version, which was always my favorite.

Here's a list of stuff that's incomplete:

- Later levels do not have increased numbers of hens or faster moving hens;
- Hens don’t eat grain;
- The high score table is not functional (it’s just a bitmap);
- There’s no “game over” screen;
- The score/timer/etc display layout and font is all wrong;
- Remaining lives aren’t displayed;
- The font in the title screen scroller is wrong.

Téléchargement :
ChuckieEggDS -

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[NDS] Pokémon Emerald Version 2 v0.6=>0.6.1[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard
Les occasions de publier un homebrew se font rare sur nintendo DS, je ne pouvais passer à coté de celle ci.
Philip Wellnitz a réalisé en février dernier la version 0.6 puis 0.6.1 de "Pokémon Emerald Version 2", il s'agit d'un recode ou plutôt d'un fangame basé sur la série Pokémon. Le jeu est en allemand mais il vaut le coup d’œil.

Image Image

There's still (very) much to do, but when it's complete, it's a recode of Pokémon for Nintendo DS.

As the game itself is in German, I won't go into detail about the (planned) storyline (at least in the English description); so far the game is set in the Hoenn region 2 years after Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.

This game is intended to be played on real hardware, but DeSmuME 0.9.11 seems to be capable of emulating most of real hardware's features, too.

Partially implemented features are in italics.

A fully working Pokémon engine (at 60fps), including
The ability to display a Pokémon's status, including detailed information about the Pokémon's moves and ribbons
An in-game Pokémon storage system
A fully working PokéDex, loading its data from the ROM's filesystem and displaying the various formes of the Pokémon
A working battle engine inclunding
Single, double trainer battles
Wild Pokémon battles
Switch Pokémon, use moves, use items
Move effects
Move animations
A fully working bag
The ability to load maps (for now only GBA-style maps are supported, 3D maps are planned) including
Wild Pokémon encounter
Animated map tiles (at least some are animated)
Player sprite, animated moving, surfing, cycling, and fishing
Playing .midi as BGM, user customization of BGM via music stored on the micro SD card
Real time clock (doesn't work fully on DeSmuME)
Overworld changes based on time
Saving the progress to the micro SD (untested, saves may break with a new version)
Communicating with “the originals”
Playing with a save from a GBA version
Link trading with Gen IV and Gen V games
A clean UI
Easy-to-understand and ready-to-(re)use code
Strict and intuitive naming conventions
Good documentation
Modular code (strict seperation of each feature and between core and UI)

v0.6.1: Executing Exeggcute
Fixed various bugs
Updated PokéDex
Updated game start
Added Map animations
Added Egg sprite

Téléchargement :
Pokémon Emerald Version 2

Source :

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[NDS][GBA] No$gba v2.8d[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard
Martin Korth propose la version 2.8d de No$gba, excellent (probablement le meilleur) émulateur nintendo DS et Game Boy Advance pour Windows et DOS.


26 May 2016 - version 2.8d
- dsi/rsa: supports unencrypted "rsa" signatures (via hooked RSA swi functions)
- dsi/sdmmc: supports NDMA sdmmc start condition (for SD data32 read/write)
- dsi/sdmmc: supports SD card initialization (CMD0,2,3,7,8,9, ACMD6,13,41,42,51)
- dsi/sdmmc: created/included empty sd-card-image (file, in
- dsi/sdmmc: fixed irq-retriggering (recurse irq_stat on irq_mask changes)
- dsi/sdmmc: adjusts insert/eject and write-protect flags depending on
- dsi/sdmmc: prevents RXRDY in DATA32 mode (@@skip_rxrdy_in_data32_mode)
- dsi/help: added notes on EMPTY sd-image ( (DSi SD/MMC Images chapter)
- dsi/help: added notes unencrypted signatures (see BIOS RSA Functions chapter)
- dsi/help: added notes on encrypted twl-*.der files (in "verdata" NARC file)
- dsi/help: added CRC32 checksums for currently known/dump-able DSi-BIOS areas
- dsi/debug: shows insternal sd/mmc registers in iomap screen (cid,csd,csr,src)
- sample: updated magic floor gba/nds version, now with working dsi cart header

Téléchargements :
no$gba (Win)
no$gba-debug (Win)
no$gba-d (DOS)

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[NDS] NetHackDS v3.6.0a1[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard
abcd1234 propose une nouvelle version de "NetHackDS", portage du célèbre Rogue-Like "NetHack" pour la nintendo DS.


The first alpha release of NetHackDS rebased on the official NetHack 3.6.0 codebase.

This is... very alpha. Like, barely playtested alpha.

Because of a number of backward incompatible changes in NetHack 3.6.0, you must replace the NetHack folder on your cart. Obviously you'll want to back it up in case you want to go back to 1.17.

Also note that if you're using a non-standard graphical tileset, NetHack 3.6.0 changes the tile file layout and you'll need to find a 3.6.0 compatible set (the tileset shipped with NetHackDS has been upgraded).

You should be able to copy over your keys.cnf and defaults.nh to preserve your keybindings and settings.

Téléchargement :

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[NDS] Bilou : School Rush - cow=>sfx=>fox[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard
PypeBros nous propose une toute nouvelle aventure de Bilou, "Bilou : School Rush" pour la nintendo DS.
Nous restons toujours dans la School Zone mais Bilou se lance dans un speed-driven platformer, un jeu de plates-formes axé sur la vitesse.


Nous y sommes enfin! une version de School Rush qui tient plus du jeu que d'un béta-test. Ce n'est pas encore aussi parfait que je le voudrais, et ça manque sans doute de nouveauté pour mes fidèles testeurs, mais cette fois, j'estime avoir atteint le niveau de finition sur les quatres niveaux disponibles pour qu'il ne soit pas irrespectueux d'en parler aux dévelopeurs professionnels avec lesquels je suis en contact.

Si vous vous demandez "mais comment on y joue", n'hésitez pas à jeter un oeil au let's play de Pirez


You're controlling Bilou, a blue, ball-shaped explorer. You make him JUMP with the (A) button and grab things (or throw them) with (B). Your goal is to reach the right of each level before you're caught by the ever-raising ink.
You'll need to be quick, too. Use (R) or double-tap in left/right directions as if you were a pink, living vacuum cleaner.

You can stomp some monsters, you can throw sharpeners at others. Remember: the pencil soldats are the only real threat here, and they must be stopped from pouring even more ink for their autoritarist plans. Everything else that looks dangerous is mostly acting on fear and may prove very useful if you keep your head cold. Think about how useful a bobbing sponge could be if you could ride it (B). or how high an inkwell could shoot you ...

There are rumours of magical artifacts that could help you. The Fist of Justice, that noone can stand against (double-B) and the Floating Twister (hold A), that let you reach far away places. It's unlikely the pendats will let you recover them without a fight, though.


At the far east of this school-like country, there is a gauge that will stop the ink. Rush for it! The books city is close to be destroyed once for all, and the elders' knowledge will be lost. This must be another plot from Square Root, who decided that mathematics are the only thing worth of being written down.
Everyone here seems to believe that Bilou is a sort of legendary hero...

How to play

Get the NDS image and play it on your homebrew-ready console or in an emulator. See this page if you need extra explanation/instructions for running homebrews.

Téléchargement :
Bilou : School Rush -

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[NDS][GBA] No$gba v2.8c[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard
Martin Korth propose la version 2.8c de No$gba, excellent émulateur nintendo DS et Game Boy Advance pour Windows et DOS.


07 May 2016 - version 2.8c
- webpage: added some dev forum links ( and
- help: added "us" to known dsi-regions (including its countries and languages)
- dsi: re-ordered wram as C-then-B (fixes 3780000h boundary issue on us/sysmenu)
- dsi/wifi/help: added specs for WMI commands/events (and for BMI boot-commands)
- dsi/sdmmc/help: added sd/mmc state info (specs when/which command can be used)
- dsi/softreset: allows rebooting dsi firmware via NUM-* (reinit DSi registers)
- dsi: can boot NDS games from within DSi mode (tweaks non4MB via fake_scfg_ext)
- dsi: supports NDS-backwards-compatibility-touchscreen mode (for NDS games)
- dsi: supports NDS-bios-mapping in DSi mode (for NDS games booted via sysmenu)
- dsi: supports firmware-coldboot (when bios_intro enabled with nds_mode=DSi)
- dsi: bugfixed jumps in new wram via addr_code_table (fixes many DSi problems)
- dsi/help: added DSi Atheros Wifi I2C EEPROM info (access and partial content)
- debug/gui: fixed system colors used for cpu-flag checkboxes (swapped red/blue)
- dsi/help: added notes on dumping wifi bios, and on dumping dsi keys from 3ds
- dsi/help: added flipnote fileformat, added notes on \shared2\0000 file
- nds7: emulates disabled bios area being FFh-filled (define_nds7_bios_rom)
- aes: forces instant completion on aes-body-len-zero (boot sysflaw via sysmenu)
- sdio/wifi: initializes 0500458h to ZERO (indicating not firmware yet uploaded)
- dsi/bugfix: moved "sdmmc_try_drain_write_buffer" after status/state handling
- dsi: wifi init mimmicked good enough to run bootcode without WLFIRM 2 error
- dsi/sdmmc: supports card_irq
- dsi/i2c: omits ACK response on non-existing devices (especially A0h/E0h cams)
- dsi/misc: omits arm7 warning on 4004001h access, sets DSi flag in
- dsi: emulates SCFG_MC register (else hangs after starting a game in bootmenu)
- xtensa: auto-resolves special registers mov opcodes to symbolic sfr_xxx names
- dsi/loader: supports loading AR60xxG.rom (for disass at atheros:8E0000h)
- dsi/mapping: supports MBK mapping to TEAK memory space (for teak disassembler)
- dsi/sdmmc: supports WRITE_MULTIPLE command (requires eMMC image with CID+ID)
- dsi: supports 32bit 4004D00h read, and more 16bit/32bit access for other ports
- dsi/jpeg/help: added notes on computing jpeg/exif MAC signatures (via AES-CCM)
- dsi/sdmmc: emulates fifo16/fifo32, irq-edge-triggering, fixed bits, etc.
- dsi/help: added lots of details on sd/mmc/sdio controller's I/O ports
- dsi/help: updated dsi exploits chapter (notes on resurrected dsiware hax, etc)
- dsi/help: addded teak instruction set specs (encoding, syntax, params)
- dsi/help: added atheros/wifi registers specs (for sdio side and xtensa side)
- dsi/debug: added teaklite II disassembler (see menubar, window, teak)
- dsi/wifi/debug: added xtensa disassembler (see menubar, window, atheros)
- dsi/wifi/help: added xtensa/cpu instruction set and xtensa/cpu register map
- dsi/sdio: partial sdio/atheros simulation (passing most of "PRE-AUTH" phase)
- dsi/help: added sdio specs (cmd52/cmd53 and cccr, fbr, cia areas)
- dsi/boot: fixed initialization of emmc-info in main ram
- dsi/help: added various details (initial ram, etc.)
- nds/debug: optional IPC fifo send/recv logging (in tty debug message window)
- dsi/bptwl: supports writing BPTWL registers (except invalid/readonly ones)
- debug/tty: displays sd/mmc command names, and resolves sdio func:addr's
- debug: accepts mirror of 3800000h at 3FF0000h without warning (common on dsi)
- dsi/help: details on tmd, tickets, and big-endian aes-cbc decryption

Téléchargements :
no$gba (Windows)
no$gba-debug (Windows)
no$gba-d (DOS)

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[NDS] Youtube DS[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

Gericom propose "Youtube DS", utilitaire permettant de regarder les vidéos de Youtube sur votre nintendo DS.

Hey guys, lately I've been working on playing Youtube videos on a DS. As you can see in the video below, I got it working. I think I'll try to improve it some more if I have some time and add a gui to make it actually possible to search for videos.

Téléchargement :
Youtube DS v0516.rar

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[NDS] Mine DS v0.4.0[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard
Wolfgange, CoolAs et ray proposent la version 0.4.0 de "Mine DS", excellente adaptation en 2D du célèbre jeu bac à sable "Minecraft" pour la nintendo DS.

v0.4.0 Changelog
Newer lighting engine
Localizations into English, German and Esperanto
Light leakage through background
Various mob fixes
New sprite graphics engine
Larger world size (width increased to 1024 from 512)
Random spawn point

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Mine DS

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[DS] Mine DS v0.3.1[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard
Wolfgange, CoolAs et ray proposent la version 0.3.1 de "Mine DS", excellente adaptation en 2D du célèbre jeu bac à sable "Minecraft" pour la nintendo DS.

We've just released version 0.3.1, which fixes a number of bugs, improves some internal code, and adds water splashes.

The next release will probably be v0.4.0, and we're planning on adding localisations into various different languages, as well as adding in some more survival features.


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Mine DS

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[DS] Mine DS v0.3.0[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard
Wolfgange, CoolAs et ray proposent la version 0.3.0 de "Mine DS", adaptation en 2D plutôt réussite du célèbre jeu bac à sable "Minecraft" pour la nintendo DS.

Mine DS is a MineCraft-inspired 2D survival game for the DS. Version 0.3.0 contains a few essential features, completing nearly all survival aspects.

--- Features ---
- Inventory
- Furnaces
- Water
- Food
- Crafting
- Zombies
- Grass + Tree growth
- Oceans/Plains/Jungles/Deserts/Tundra/Mushroom Biomes
- Various options (Disable regen, audio, graphics)​
More features
- Chests
- Stereo sounds based on location
- Streaming music
- Control Schemes
- Creative inventory
- Creative Flying
- Smooth, responsive UI
- Dropped items
- Many bugfixes
- And much more!

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Mine DS

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[NDS] Hanky Alien v080915=>v170915[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard
Ant512 propose "Hanky Alien", excellent clone du célèbre Shoot them up "Space Invaders" pour la nintendo DS.

Changes v180915:

- Number of extra lives is limited to 5;
- UFO sound loops on DS as the UFO moves across the screen;
- Restored the "Simian Zombie" intro screen that was accidentally disabled in the first release;
- Difficulty gradually increases as player completes each wave of aliens;
- Fixed flickering score titles;
- Improved the ship explosion animation.

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Hanky Alien

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[NDS] S8DS v0.9[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard
FluBBa propose la version 0.9 de "S8DS", excellent émulateur Master-System, GameGear, SG-1000, Othello Multivision et Coleco Vision pour la nintendo DS.
Les roms au format ZIP sont supportés et doivent se trouver dans un répertoire nommé s8ds à la racine de votre linker.


S8DS revision history
V0.9 - 2015-07-25 (FluBBa)
Added SRAM support.
Fixed folder browsing a bit.
Fixed some nasty bugs which affected saving of settings and more.

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[NDS] SurviballDS[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard
starlord96 propose "SurviballDS", jeu d’esquive pour la nintendo DS, dans lequel vous devez échapper aux balles rouges qui déferlent sur vous.


Hoy os traigo el homebrew que inaugura este blog, y no es otro que mi primer jueguecillo para NDS. Se llama SurviballDs y no es un proyecto muy grande, pero es lo primero que creo para la portátil de Nintendo y la verdad es que lo subo con bastante ilusión. El objetivo del juego es simple, sobrevivir a las bolas rojas. Para ello controlamos a Link (sí sí, a Link), que tendrá que aguantar con 5 vidas la llegada de esas bolas y esquivarlas a toda costa, sobreviviendo el máximo tiempo posible y consiguiendo la mayor puntuación. Os dejo la descarga en la página del juego, espero que lo disfrutéis y espero que cualquier sugerencia o alguna posible mejora me la comentéis para poder seguir trabajando con él, ya que ahora tengo varios proyectos en mente con los que quiero empezar a trabajar, pero quiero seguir complicando SurviballDs y ya tengo unas pocas ideas para próximas versiones.

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