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 Cid2Mizard [3DS] Gridlauncher v2.0  le 21 Juin 2017 5:52

 Cid2Mizard [3DS] TemperPCE v0.90  le 20 Juin 2017 6:36

 Cid2Mizard [3DS] ButtonPresser3DS v1.0  le 20 Juin 2017 6:20

 Cid2Mizard [3DS] DSP1  le 20 Juin 2017 5:53

 Cid2Mizard [3DS] Quake2CTR v0.1  le 14 Juin 2017 16:53

 Cid2Mizard [3DS] 3DS Cookie Clicker v1.0  le 14 Juin 2017 13:23

 Cid2Mizard [3DS] 3DSident v0.7.5  le 14 Juin 2017 13:03

 Cid2Mizard [3DS] VirtuaNES 3DS v0.92  le 13 Juin 2017 19:00

 Cid2Mizard [3DS] Web Pokédex  le 13 Juin 2017 18:55

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 Cid2Mizard [3DS] imgr3DS v1.0 Beta  le 10 Juin 2017 10:37

 Cid2Mizard [3DS] The Homebrew Launcher v2.0.0  le 10 Juin 2017 8:46

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 Cid2Mizard [NDS] Bilou : School Rush - Splashed  le 06 Juin 2017 6:19

 pypebros [NDS] Bilou : School Rush - cow=>sfx=>fox  le 05 Juin 2017 8:34

 Cid2Mizard [3DS] Zelda OLB v1.0  le 03 Juin 2017 7:19

 Cid2Mizard [3DS] Sqrzx 3 v1.05r  le 03 Juin 2017 7:10

 Cid2Mizard [3DS] VirtuaNES 3DS v0.92b  le 03 Juin 2017 6:54

 Cid2Mizard [NGC] RetroArch NGC v1.6.0  le 01 Juin 2017 15:46

 Cid2Mizard [Wii] RetroArch Wii v1.6.0  le 01 Juin 2017 15:39

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[3DS] Gridlauncher v2.0[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard
maorninja propose la version 2.0 de "GridLauncher", initialement développé par Masher, version modifié du célèbre loader de homebrews "The Homebrew Launcher" de smealum.


Shameless Repost of Masher's gridlauncher post, because I don't speak English well. What I will, however, do is just list all of the new info I added:

1. Compiles with latest ctrulib.
2. Fixed the thread part with the new method of using Thread in ctrulib
3. Add Ninjhax 2.7 custom memmap support
4. SMDH localisation
5. Fix SMDH reader

I'd like to know, though, what features would you guys like to see added?

Github Link:

The GUI works on Rosalina very well, aside from some flickering. Though, we need to add support for it to load .3dsx files. That asshole at Nintendo Homebrew called me an idiot for not using hb menu 2.0, because "Its updated". He might just be one of those Luma fan boys, who says "All other CFW are shit. Use Luma". He also doesn't understand that not everything has to be "official" for it to be good, but oh well. Loading CIA's doesn't work as well, so we need to fix that, though this is only a GridLauncher 2.0 specific bug.

Also, to avoid above: If anyone is going to say "OH! Use HBL 2.0 if you don't, you fucking suck", just click off this thread, because the more this will be said, the more I will not do it. (Oh, and BTW, Zoogie's post was made before this announcement)

More developement will be shown at my site, Mario Making Mods, (No, not Koopa Konstruction Bullshit) found here: ... 0#post1047

Téléchargement :
(3DSX/ELF) : GridLauncher

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[3DS] TemperPCE v0.90[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

Après VirtuaNES 3DS et Snes9x 3DS, bubble2k16 nous propose la version 0.90 de "TemperPCE", émulateur PC Engine pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS.


TemperPCE for 3DS v0.90 released (19 June 2017)

Another contribution again. This time, it's a port of Exophase's Temper (TurboGrafx/PC-Engine) emulator to the old 3DS and old 2DS. Despite all the optimisations Exophase did to run Temper on a portable device, the old 3DS is still too underpowered. So this port heavily relies on the 3DS's 3D GPU hardware to achieve 60 FPS (or close to 60 with frame skips). Since we are using the hardware, some games that utilise special palette effects may not work so well.

This emulator bears the same user interface as VirtuaNES for 3DS and Snes9x for 3DS. It should run better on the New 3DS as usual (but I haven't really tried running it on the New 3DS yet).

Homebrew Launcher:

Copy temperpce_3ds.3dsx, temperpce_3ds.smdh and temperpce_3ds_top.png into the /3ds/temperpce_3ds folder on your SD card.
Place your ROMs inside any folder.
Go to your Homebrew Launcher (either via Cubic Ninja, Soundhax or other entry points) and launch the temperpce_3ds emulator.

CIA Version:

Use your favorite CIA installer to install temperpce_3ds.cia into your CFW. You can also use FBI to download from TitleDB.
Place your ROMs inside any folder.
Copy temperpce_3ds_top.png to ROOT of your SD card.
Exit your CIA installer and go to your CFW's home screen to launch the app.


If you have the CD ROM BIOS, place them in the /3ds/temperpce_3ds/syscards folder.
They must be named:

syscard1.pce (version 1),
syscard2.pce (version 2),
syscard3.pce (version 3), or
games_express.pce (for Games Express).
You can have all four in the /3ds/temperpce_3ds/syscards folder. In the configuration, you can choose which ROM version you want to use.


Other Stuff

What's Supported:

1. HuCard, CD-ROM, Super CD-ROM games - Castlevania Rondo of Blood, Gradius 2. (CD-audio is a little "peanut butter" skippy atm, will fix when time allows)
2. Idle Loop Skip (Most games will not need this, but you can try to enable it if games run a little slow. Warning: Some games will freeze if you enable this!).

What's Not Supported Yet:

1. SuperGrafx games.
2. Cheats (seems there never was cheating software like AR or GG for TurboGrafx)

Known Bugs

1. A small number of games lock up the entire emulator (requiring a re-start). Will look into it when time allows.
2. As mentioned, CD-audio is skippy, although still bearable.
3. This release is still pretty raw, and will be working out the kinks and bugs.

Téléchargement :
(3DSX/CIA) : TemperPCE_3DS

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[3DS] ButtonPresser3DS v1.0[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

trainboy2019 propose la version 1.0 de "ButtonPresser3DS", utilitaires permettant de tester vos boutons 2DS/3DS.


I present the next useless homebrew application, ButtonPresser3DS!
-Tap and hold the button to press it.
-Release the button to stop pressing it.
-Press Start to return to the Home Menu.

@LucarioWolf for bringing up the idea and starting the thread that evolved into an eternal pit of fire
@TricksterGuy for using several resources from your 3DS Homebrew Template
@Xerp for SF2D and SFIL, as well as for your Makefile
@wintermute808 and fincs, for the 3DS Application Template, which was used in the creation of this
@B_E_P_I_S_M_A_N for the base of the code

-Make the 3dsx version return to the Homebrew menu
-Add clicking sound whenever the button is pressed
-Add a score counter
-Add more buttons
-Regret my life decisions

Téléchargement :
(3DSX/CIA) : ButtonPresser3DS

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[3DS] DSP1[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard
zoogie propose "DSP1", utilitaire permettant de dumper le DSP afin d'obtenir du son dans la plupart des homebrews, une alternative à DSP Dump mais au format CIA.


Like other homebrew apps before it, this just dumps the dspfirm.cdc needed for sound in cia homebrew, but with the following enhancements:

cia format which avoids the problem of shaky .3dsx support on the latest firm, 11.4. Also, cia is just more practical since that is the homebrew format that needs the dsp dump, not .3dsx brew.
Better info and graphics that tell you in detail what's going on. An actual dsp sound test is performed.
Cruelty free
Open source with permissive license:

Téléchargement :
(CIA) :

Source :

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[3DS] Quake2CTR v0.1[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard
masterfeizz propose la version 0.1 de "Quake2CTR", portage de Quake 2 pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS.

Quake 2 port for the Nintendo 3DS (with multiplayer support)

Instructions: Just install the .cia and you are good to go.
To play the full game you must copy the baseq2 folder from the full game and place it in your sdcard in the following location: sdcard:/3ds/quake2


If you don't have sound, just dump your DSP firmware using DSP1

(CIA) : Quake2CTR

Source :

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[3DS] 3DS Cookie Clicker v1.0[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

Creckeryop propose la version 1.0 de "3DS Cookie Clicker", portage du célèbre jeu sur navigateur du même nom pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS.


New Function:

Upgrades(Press Y to buy upgrade if it is available).


Some textures are changed.
Added Controls in Options.
Added red borders in sell menu.
Cookie shower in main menu now on 2 screens.
3D banner(It is not good. But better than previous for me)
Minor fixes
Updated SMDH for .3dsx version

Téléchargement :
(3DSX/CIA/ELF) : 3DS Cookie Clicker

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[3DS] 3DSident v0.7.5[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

Joel16 propose la version 0.7.5 de "3DSident", utilitaire qui à l'instar de PSPident donne quelques informations (in)utiles sur votre nintendo 2DS/3DS.


3DSident is a tool inspired by PSPident - which was originally developed by Jas0nuk and later updated by Yoti. The tool was used to obtain more information about your PSP's motherboard, firmware etc. Similarly the 3DS version - 3DSident aims to display more information about your 3DS. 3DSident is a fork of ctr_vercheck which was originally developed by @Wolfvak. Initially it was only used to display FIRM info, but I decided to expand it further by implementing the following features:​


Current Version: v0.7.5


Current kernel, FIRM and system version detection.
Model detection.
Displays screen type.
Region detection.
Language detection.
MAC address detection.
Device serial detection.
SDMC CID detection.
NAND CID detection.
NNID number detection.
Device ID.
Soap ID.
Battery status.
Battery percentage (actual battery percentage).
Displays battery voltage (estimated) and unknown value format.
SD detection.
SD free storage and total storage capacity.
CTR free storage and total storage capacity.
Displays number of titles installed.
Displays volume slider state.
3D slider state and percentage.
Wifi signal strength
Automatically saves screenshot upon exit. (Can be disabled by opening 3ds/3DSident/screenshots/screenshot.bin and replacing 1 with 0)
MCU firmware
Headphone port state
Card slot state

3DSident v0.7.5


Fixed bug with earphones causing the original version to exit immediately.
Removed frd:u access, and use HIDUSER_GetSoundVolume instead of MCU's.
New 2DS XL and more explicit model names by @zoogie
New config info menu.

Displays 3DS username (not NNID username)
Currently birth date of user.
EULA version


All of the above changes.
Minor aesthetic changes mostly with fixing misalignment and such.

Button Tester:

Initial Release.

Also as always, 3DSX builds are no longer supported due to the inability of accessing certain services.

Téléchargement :
(3DSX/CIA) : 3DSident

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[3DS] VirtuaNES 3DS v0.92[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

bubble2k16 propose la version beta 0.92 de "VirtuaNES 3DS", portage de l'émulateur NES "VirtuaNES" pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS.


VirtuaNES for 3DS v0.92 Released (12 Jun 2017)

This is a port of VirtuaNES to 3DS as an alternative to existing NES emulators. It used to be considered one of the best emulators before FCE and Nestopia, and it runs quite fast for lower spec-ed computers (at the cost of some emulation accuracy). But because of that, the Old 3DS / 2DS is able to benefit from this fast running emulator core. This runs full speed on an old 3DS / 2DS with support for tonnes of mappers. Although it doesn't support every single mapper, the library of games that can run on this are probably fairly huge already.

As always this will also work on a new 3DS.

To use:

Homebrew Launcher:

Copy virtuanes_3ds.3dsx, virtuanes_3ds.smdh and virtuanes_3ds_top.png into the /3ds/virtuanes_3ds on your SD card.
Place your NES ROMs inside any folder.
Go to your Homebrew Launcher (either via Cubic Ninja, Soundhax or other entry points) and launch the virtuanes_3ds emulator.

CIA Version:

Use your favorite CIA installer to install virtuanes_3ds.cia into your CFW. You can also use FBI to download from TitleDB.
Place your NES ROMs inside any folder.
Copy virtuanes_3ds_top.png to ROOT of your SD card.
Exit your CIA installer and go to your CFW's home screen to launch the app.


To load .FDS games, make sure that you get the FDS BIOS.
Rename the BIOS to disksys.rom and place it in /3ds/virtuanes_3ds/bios/disksys.rom

When in-game:

Tap the bottom screen for the menu.
Use Up/Down to choose option, and A to confirm. (Hold down X while pressing Up/Down to Page Up/Page Down)
Use Left/Right to change between ROM selection and emulator options.
You can quit the emulator to your homebrew launcher / your CFW's home screen.

v0.92 Released

- Migrated some mappers from VirtuaNES Up (thank you dragon2snow, and authors of VirtualNES Plus)
- The following mappers are fixed: 0, 15, 16, 25, 27, 58, 62, 74, 83, 111, 163, 187, 193, 194, 199, 241
- Added Mapper 28, 35, 36, 120, 156, 162, 170, 175, 206, 209, 211, 216, 220, 253
- Fixed rendering problem with Mother (J) and Marble Madness
- Detect and auto-patch correct header numbers for certain ROMs (database of corrected mapping for ROMs taken from FCEUX)
- Games that are now working on this version:
> Final Fantasy VII Demake (both English / Chinese versions)
> DBZ RPG 2/3 (English)
> Donkey Kong Country 4
> Super Contra 3
> Super Samurai Spirits 2
> Action 53
> Probably a few others.
- Added settings to allow players to switch between global/local config for audio, button mapping and rapid fire.

Téléchargement :
(3DSX/CIA) : VirtuaNES 3DS

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[3DS] Web Pokédex[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard
Shubshub propose Web Pokédex, excellent "Pokédex" très complet pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS.
Il s'agit en réalité d'une application online destiné aux nintendo 2DS/3DS, utilisable depuis le navigateur internet à cette adresse
ou via une application qui sert de raccourci uniquement au format CIA.


Nintendo 3DS Web Pokédex Application
Developed Using HTML5/Javascript

Current Version: 1.0.1

Currently the features the application does have are as follows

All 802 Pokémon including their Formés and Shinies
Display all Statistics Data including Base Stats, IV's, EV's, Level, Nature, Actual Stats and what abilities they have as you'd see in game
A brilliant looking UI designed by ElyosOfTheAbyss based on the Black 2 and White 2 Pokédex
Works on all models of 3DS (Old and New)
Quickly search for a Pokémon by name or dex number
Display's what type(s) a Pokémon is in the top right corner

Features to come

A Super Secret Mega Awesome Feature at some point
More stability than the 3DS

Please post any bugs you find down below, This application does not work on PC

Téléchargement :
(CIA) :

Source :

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[3DS] NeoPop SDL v0.2=>0.4[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

nop90 propose la version 0.2 puis 0.4 de "NeoPop SDL", portage de l'émulateur NeoGeo Pocket du même nom pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS.


It's about a year since I worked on an emulator port, mostly because the 3ds is not the best oprion to run emulators, but in one of my PC folders there where the sources of NeoPop SDL waiting to be tested with my SDL lib.

So yesterday I decided to compile it making only minor changes to the code (only set default dirs and key bindings) and with my great surprise it worked at the first try.

Since I'm working on a lot of other projects, don't expect I will put too much time in enhacing this emulator (forget a nice menu gui or custom backgrounds to replace black borders), but at least I'll add the basic functionalities he needs.

At the moment I tested it only on Citra and set the default frameskip to 1 to have full speed (based on FPS showed by Citra). It should run fine on a o3ds with the default frameskip . The n3ds should not need the frameskip, but I'll handle this later.

Notes to the alpha release (v0.1)
- The emulator is fully working, but lacks of a gui for changing the options and loading roms.
- To test the emulator put a rom image in the 3ds SD in the folder roms/neogeopocket, and rename the rom in rom.ngc.
- Since this is a preview release, it's only in 3dsx format. a CIA buld will come later.
- Default frameskip is 1. You can increse it wit R button, but leaving it to 1 should be fine
- Source code will be available on my Github when I have time to upload it.


Ver. 0.4 (14 June 2017)

Completed the menu
fixed the grayscale rendering
removed frameskip change with L/R buttons and fullscreen toggling with Y

Ver. 0.3 (12 June 2017)

Added a basic menu

Ver. 0.2 (09 JuneMay 2017)

Added a basic rom loading interface on startup (changing rom needs exiting and restarting the emulator)
Added fullscreen toggling

Ver. 0.1b (30 May 2017)

Preview version


Keypad: directions
A - A Key
B - B Key
START - Pause
L and R - Chage frameskip

Known Bugs


To Do List

- Add a basic GUI using the console on bottom screen

Téléchargements :
(3DSX/CIA) : neopop_sdl

Source :
Site Officiel :

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