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 Cid2Mizard [3DS] Sliding-Puzzle v1.2  le 15 Oct 2017 18:07

 Cid2Mizard [3DS] Breakout v1.4.2 Beta  le 13 Oct 2017 6:45

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 Cid2Mizard [3DS] Evolution Sav3D Me v1.1  le 14 Sep 2017 8:08

 Cid2Mizard [3DS] Speaking is Hard 3DS v1.0  le 14 Sep 2017 7:53

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 Cid2Mizard [3DS] Themely v1.4.1=>1.4.3  le 03 Sep 2017 17:07

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[3DS] GodMode9 v1.4.3[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

d0k3 propose la version 1.4.3 de "GodMode9", explorateur de fichier (Nand/EmuNand) disposant de tous les droits pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS.



Manage files on all your data storages: You wouldn't have expected this, right? Included are all standard file operations such as copy, delete, rename files and create folders. Use the L button to mark multiple files and apply file operations to multiple files at once.
Make screenshots: Press R+L anywhere. Screenshots are in BMP format.
Use multiple panes: Press R+left|right. This enables you to stay in one location in the first pane and open another in the second pane.
Search drives and folders: Just press R+A on the drive / folder you want to search.
Format your SD card / setup a RedNAND: Press the HOME button, select SD format menu. This also allows to setup a RedNAND on your SD card. You will get a warning prompt and an unlock sequence before any operation starts.
Run it without an SD card / unmount the SD card: If no SD card is found, you will be offered to run without the SD card. You can also unmount and remount your SD card from the file system root at any point.
Direct access to SD installed contents: Just take a look inside the A:/B: drives. One the fly crypto is taken care for, you can access this the same as any other content.
Build CIAs from NCCH / NCSD (.3DS) / TMD (installed contents): Press A on the file you want converted, the option will be shown. Installed contents are found (among others) in 1:/titles/(SysNAND) and A:/titles/(SD installed). Where applicable, you will also be able to generate legit CIAs. Note: this works also from a file search.
Decrypt and verify NCCH / NCSD / CIA / TMD / FIRM images: Options are found inside the A button menu. You will be able to decrypt to the standard output directory or (where applicable) in place.
Batch mode for the above two operations: Just select multiple files of the same type via the L button, then press the A button on one of the selected files.
Access any file inside NCCH / NCSD / CIA / FIRM images: Just mount the file via the A button menu and browse to the file you want.
Generate XORpads for any NAND partition: Take a look inside the X: drive. You can use these XORpads for decryption of encrypted NAND images on PC. Additional tools such as 3dsFAT16Tool are required on PC.
Directly mount and access NAND dumps or standard FAT images: Just press the A button on these files to get the option. You can only mount NAND dumps from the same console.
Restore / dump NAND partitions or even full NANDs: Just take a look into the S: (or E:/ I:) drive. This is done the same as any other file operation.
Compare and verify files: Press the A button on the first file, select Calculate SHA-256. Do the same for the second file. If the two files are identical, you will get a message about them being identical. On the SDCARD drive (0:) you can also write a SHA file, so you can check for any modifications at a later point.
Hexview and hexedit any file: Press the A button on a file and select Show in Hexeditor. A button again enables edit mode, hold the A button and press arrow buttons to edit bytes. You will get an additional confirmation prompt to take over changes. Take note that for certain file, write permissions can't be enabled.
Inject a file to another file: Put exactly one file (the file to be injected from) into the clipboard (via the Y button). Press A on the file to be injected to. There will be an option to inject the first file into it.

GodMode9 v1.4.3
What's new:

[new] Hardcoded readme and readme viewer inside the HOME -> More... menu
[improved] Vastly improved GBA VC Save injection method - will now work 100% of time
[improved] Improved image mount handling
[improved] Improved text viewer colour scheme
[improved] Improved FIRM decryptor (only applies to N3DS original FIRMs)
[fix] Fixed scripts not showing up in text viewer
[fix] Fixed crashes when viewing certain text files
[scripting] Fixed and improved shaget command

GodMode9 v1.4.2
What's new:

[new] Added NAND restore scripts by Kazuma77
[new] Allow R+DOWN to force reload the file list
[new] Inject context menu entry for virtual files (only if there's exactly one entry in the clipboard)
[fix] Fixed ntrboot detection. GM9 now again works as intended when flashed directly to a ntrboot card. Thanks @ihaveamac for finding this bug.
[fix] Don't allow mounting already mounted drive images.
[fix] Fixed vanishing top bar on GodMode9TD (thanks @MelonGx for the find)

GodMode9 v1.4.1
What's new:

[new] Current battery state is visible via an icon on the top bar
[new] Bootloader function (previously undocumented, read the readme!)
[new] Completely rewritten and improved method of GBA VC save dumping and injecting
[new] Exceptions dumps can be transferred via QR codes (you'll most likely never ever see that)
[scripting] Allow customizing and disabling the script preview
[scripting] Added qr and chk commands
[scripting] Added HAX, ONTYPE and RDTYPE environment vars
[fix] Fix the swapped sd_cid,mem and nand_cid.mem
[fix] Brought back 'Copy to 0:/gm9/out' for dirs

GodMode9 v1.4.0
What's new:

[new] Support for mounting and browsing NDS images
[new] Payloads menu inside HOME menu
[new] Release archive contains .firms for install via ntrboot_flasher
[new] Exception handler (works inside GodMode9 only), thanks to @Wolfvak
[new] Installer for FIRM files (advanced users / ntrboot only, everyone else use SafeB9SInstaller)
[new] New system information feature in HOME menu, thanks to @Myriachan
[new] Access to MCU registers (read-only) via the M: drive (again, thanks @Myriachan)
[new] Reverse LZSS decompression of compressed .code (A button menu for CXIs)
[new] NAND header rebuilder - this can help with borked NANDs and lost NCSDs
[new] Recursive CMAC fixer for drives A:, B:, S: and E:
[new] Build date/time on splash screen - hold any button to keep displaying the splash screen
[new] File info feature for files, and improved/combined drive/dir info feature
[new] Nag screen if RTC is not correctly set (if year < 2017 is detected)
[new] Visual progress update on large batch operations (scrolling filelist)
[scripting] Live text preview of currently processed script
[scripting] Ability to build standalone script runners (see readme for info)
[scripting] Added fixcmac, boot, shaget, switchsd, extrcode, filesel scripting commands
[scripting] Enhanced the injectcommand
[scripting] Allow partial checks via the sha command
[scripting] findreturns the alphanumerical last / first match
[scripting] Dynamically updated environment variables
[fix] Vastly decreased boot times
[fix] Improved NDS cart dumper code
[fix] Improved screen init routines, fixing an array of smaller problems (thanks, @Wolfvak)
[fix] The usual batch of smaller improvements and fixes - hopefully I didn't forget anything big

Téléchargement :
(FIRM) : GodMode9

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[3DS] Sliding-Puzzle v1.2[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

8BitWonder propose la version 1.2 de "Sliding-Puzzle", jeu de pousse-pousse / Taquin pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS.



Sliding-Puzzle is a homebrew game for the 3DS, made mostly in Lua with LövePotion.
And partially with java, for the setup of custom puzzles.


3x3 Slide-Puzzle (Skull Kid Theme)
Custom 3x3 Slide-Puzzle (Default Theme)
4x4 Slide-Puzzle (Samus Theme)
Custom 4x4 Slide-Puzzle (Default Theme)
5x5 Slide-Puzzle (Mario and Luigi Theme)
Custom 5x5 Slide-Puzzle (Default Theme)
Debug 3x3 Slide-Puzzle (Can be enabled from main menu with L+R+B)
All puzzle layouts randomized (Every time)
Timer to keep track of time (On every puzzle)
Jar executable in each of the custom puzzle folders to set up a custom theme (Folders Custom3x3, Custom4x4, and Custom5x5)


'D-Pad' controls cursor movement on the main menu, when paused, and in every puzzle
'Start' pauses the current puzzle, and switches to the pause menu on the main menu
'A' selects an option when in a menu, and moves a puzzle piece (If it can be moved)


Sometimes crashes when selecting a puzzle from the main menu

Téléchargement :
(3DSX) : Sliding-Puzzle

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[3DS] Breakout v1.4.2 Beta[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

Magicrafter13 propose la version 1.4.2 Beta de "Breakout", clone du du jeu d'arcade Breakout pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS.


Beta 1.4.2
Fixed minor bug where after beating the game, if started again, the paddle would not return to it's starting position, thus miss aligning the ball

Beta 1.4.1
CIA now has all the proper workings.
(On the Homemenu it won't just be a black square with no text.)

Beta 1.4.0
Small improvements to the ISHUPE Engine.
Level will now increase when all bricks destroyed.
*Small easter egg if you beat both levels currently in the game.
Now the title screen actually tells you what to push to start the game.
Lives are now displayed on the bottom screen.
Credits added to the game.

Téléchargement :
(3DSX/CIA/ELF) : Breakout v1.4.2

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[3DS] mGBA v0.6.1[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

endrift propose également la version 0.6.1 de "mGBA", portage de son émulateur Game Boy Advance pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS.


A new release of mGBA, version 0.6.1, is available. This version is a bugfix release, which contains many stability and accuracy fixes. An extensive list of changes follows after the cut.


GB, GBA: Fix crashes when attempting to identify null VFiles
GB, GBA: Fix sync to video with frameskip
GB, GBA Savedata: Fix savestate-related save overwriting (fixes #834)
GB Audio: Fix NRx2 writes while active (fixes #866)
GB Core: Fix palette loading when loading a foreign config
GB MBC: Pocket Cam memory should be accessible without enabling
GB MBC: Fix SRAM sizes 4 and 5
GB MBC: Fix RTC initialization (fixes #825)
GB MBC: Fix RTC loading when file size is off
GB Memory: Initialize peripheral pointers
GB Memory: Prevent accessing empty SRAM (fixes #831)
GB Memory: Fix HDMA count starting in mode 0 (fixes #855)
GB Memory: Actually load latch time from savestate
GB Serialize: Fix deserializing video STAT
GB Video: Fix 16-bit screenshots (fixes #826)
GB Video: Fix potential hang when ending mode 0
GB Video: Fix read mode when enabling LCD
GBA: Reset active region as needed when loading a ROM
GBA: Fix keypad IRQs not firing when extra buttons are pressed
GBA BIOS: Use core’s VRAM variable instead of renderer’s
GBA Cheats: Fix PARv3 multiline blocks (fixes #889)
GBA I/O: Fix reading from a few invalid I/O registers (fixes #876)
GBA Savedata: Fix 512 byte EEPROM saving as 8kB (fixes #877)
GBA Savedata: Fix size of SRAM saves (fixes #883)
GBA Video: Fix broken sprite blending hack (fixes #532)
Python: Fix importing .gb or .gba before .core
Qt: Fix command line debugger closing second game
Qt: Fix LOG argument order
Qt: Fix timezone issues with time overrides
Qt: Fix sprite export pausing game indefinitely (fixes #841)
SDL: Fix potential race condition when pressing keys (fixes #872)


CMake: Fix CPack dependencies for libpng 1.6
GBA: Detect hardware for Pokémon FireRed ROM hacks
GBA Cheats: Improve detection of raw cheats
Qt: Don’t rebuild library view if style hasn’t changed
Qt: Allow overrides to be saved before a game is loaded
Qt: Hide mouse immediately when loading
SDL: Fix 2.0.5 build on macOS under some circumstances
VFS: Make VFile.truncate work growing files on PSV (fixes #885)

Téléchargement :
(3DSX/CIA) : mGBA v0.6.1.7z

Source :

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[3DS] Checkpoint v1.0.0=>2.0.1[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

BernardoGiordano alias "EventAssistant" propose la version 1.0.0 puis 2.0.1 de "Checkpoint", nouveau manager de sauvegarde pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS.


A fast and simple save manager for cfw/rosalina written in C++.

Why using Checkpoint?
Checkpoint is created with the idea of simplicity and efficiency. The UI has been designed to condense more option as possible but keeping it simple to do operations with.

Moreover, Checkpoint is really lightweight and it's built using very few (and up-to-date) libraries. It also doesn't have any assets in it, while being packaged with a nice graphic user interface.

Checkpoint supports normal titles and demos. It also automatically checks and filters homebrew titles which may not have any save archive to backup or restore: this is done without the need of external lists of titles to filter needing to be updated periodically with new titles. For this reason, Checkpoint doesn't need the user maintenance to always be fully functional.

Working path
Checkpoint uses the following folders to store the files it generates. Note that all the working directories are automatically generated on first launch (or when Checkpoint finds a new title that doesn't have a working directory yet).

sdmc:/Checkpoint: root path
sdmc:/Checkpoint/saves/<game title>: root path for all the save backups for a generic game
sdmc:/Checkpoint/extdata/<game title>: root path for all the extdata backups for a generic game

You can use Checkpoint with both cfw and rosalina-based Homebrew Launcher. *hax-based Homebrew Launcher entrypoint is not supported by Checkpoint.

The first launch will take a long amount of time (usually 2-3 minutes depending on how many titles you have installed), due to the working directories being created. The next time you launch Checkpoint it will be significatively faster.

You can scroll between the title list with the DPAD/LR and target a title with A when the selector is on it. Now, you can use the DPAD or the touchscreen to select a target backup to restore/overwrite.

Checkpoint displays error codes when something weird happens or operations fail. Report back the error code and a summary of your operations to reproduce it if the issue hasn't been discussed in the past ones yet.

Téléchargement :
(3DSX/CIA) : Checkpoint

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[3DS] Zelda 3T 3DS v0.2=>1.0[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

nop90 propose la version 0.2 puis 1.0 de "Zelda 3T 3DS", portage du fan-game d'action-aventure "Zelda Time to Triumph" pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS.


Today I'm releasing the port for the 3ds of the long awaited third chapter of this Zelda fan game saga: Zelda Time to Triumph.

Story : After the events that occured in Termina and the victory of the hero on his evil alter-ego, Zelda and Link knew that, from the bottom of hell, Ganon the immortal drawed his power from his wish to the Triforce, and rounded up his army with a view to invade Hyrule. Until the day when, after months spent watching out for an attack, an event came up and put an end to this endless waiting...

More info about this game are in the official site of the game:

While the other two games where using a fake SDL layer, this one uses the SDL lib for 3ds.

Compiled game (3dsx and CIA versions):

The first chapter is here: ... ds.425503/
The second one is here: ... ds.425503/

The original game is made by Vincent Jouillat (
This game uses the SDL 1.2 library for 3ds


Ver. 1.0 (24 September 2017)
- Added possibility to change item with touchscreen
- Small fixes to text

Ver. 0.2 alpha (22 September 2017)
- Fixed the main memory leaks.

Ver. 0.1 alpha (21 September 2017)
- First alpha release. The game is complete, but sometimes crashes for some memory leaks to be fixed. Save often your game.


In the zip there is a folder with the 3dsx and the smdh files inside, to be used with a homebrew launcher. All the resources are included in the executable using romfs.

The CIA file is to be installed with FBI. below there is a QR code to download the cia from FBI.

All the resources are included in the executable using romfs.

The game creates a Zelda3T subfolder inside the 3ds folder if doesn't exist. Here will be saved your game progresses.


- Read / Open / Speak: A
- Confirm / Pass text: A
- Move Link: Arrows and D-PAD
- Run : R hold (you need the boots)
- Use sword: B
- Spin attack: hold B then release it when fully charged (after the tone)
- Pause game and activate item selection: L + START
- Use selected object: Y
- Pick up items: X
- Put mask: L + X
- Teleport ONI at the temple entrance: L + R
- Open the map: START (outside of dungeons)
- Open the map: START (in dungeons)
- Open lists screen (fishes, monsters, barter items): L and B
- Change list: L and B
- Look around: L and direction
- Enlarge / Shrink screen size: L and A
- Show help: L and Y
- Save / Quit: SELECT
- Close the game: SELECT from the title screen

Known Bugs

- Sometimes crashes. Save often your game

To Do List

- Add French language and language selection menu
- Add item selection with the touchscreen

Téléchargement :
(3DSX/CIA) : Zelda3T_3DS

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[3DS] 3DSident v0.7.7[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

Joel16 propose la version 0.7.7 de "3DSident", utilitaire qui à l'instar de PSPident donne quelques informations (in)utiles sur votre nintendo 2DS/3DS.


New release v0.7.7 is up!


Original Version:

Major code clean up + refactoring. Now checks for functions to succeed before grabbing info.
If a function fails the information will not be displayed.
New hardware info. Displays if the device is either a retail, devboard, debugger or capture unit.

GUI Version:

All of the above changes.
Runs under Citro3D.
Fixed usernames with special characters not displaying properly in config menu.
Fixed screen info returning unknown on New 3DS XL after screens have been swapped. (Using explicit values fixed this for some reason.)
Now uses BMP format for taking screenshots (Use L + R to take screenshots - just like 3DShell).
Minor astethic changes. The font size is a tad bit bigger, and the colours stand out a bit more than before.
Services that fail will now display the message "This service cannot be accessed in *hax." to avoid crashes.
So menus like config/wifi/NNID cannot be accessed when running under *hax.
You will have to use Rosalina's FS/SM patches or the CIA instead.

Téléchargement :
(3DSX/CIA) : 3DSident

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[3DS] C-Dogs3DS v13.09.2017[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

MrHuu propose une nouvelle version de "C-Dogs3DS", portage du jeu d'action open source "C-Dogs" pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS.



Ported from the (old) C-Dogs SDL port (SDL1.2), which was ported from the original C-Dogs for DOS, which was a remake from the original Cyberdogs for DOS released in 1994.
More info here:

This is still an early build, it's fully playable, but lots of bugs still exist.

- .CIA build is available
- no sound / music
- slow on old 3ds


- Fixed 'line of sight' on 400x240 resolution (widescreen)
- Major performance increase! Both Old and New 3DS run at full speed now.
- SoundFX working
- .CIA build doesn't crash on exit anymore. most of the time..
- Added a few pixels to the .cia banner
- Forced fullscreen is off, allowing the fullscreen (stretch) setting to be used and saved.
- Initial release


- Music
- Fix circlepad
- Fix menu not showing on o3DS


-Place the C-Dogs3DS folder from the archive in: 'sd:/3ds/'

Place custom mission packs (*.cpn) in: 'sd:/3ds/C-Dogs3DS/data/missions/'
Get them HERE


(Default Controls)
Start - Select (MENU)
Select - Back (MENU)
A - Fire
B - Change weapon / Slide
Y - Map

D-pad is used by default, in settings, change 'keyboard' to 'Joystick' to use the circlepad. (may not work properly, for now)

Téléchargement :
(3DSX/CIA) : C-Dogs3DS v13092017.7z

Source :

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[3DS] Evolution Sav3D Me v1.1[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

Manurocker95 propose la version 1.1 de "Evolution Sav3D Me", remake pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS du jeu d'action Evolution Saved Me.


Hello everyone! After almost a year here I wanted to contribute a little bit to this awesome forum and of course to the scene and... here I am.

This is a remake for the 3DS of a game I made with two friends: Evolution Saved Me!

You can check the original game here:

It has Stereoscopic 3D and everything is load from RomFS.

How to play:

Get all the bananas that you can without touching the lasers :D

The fire are power ups that allows you to go through lasers when activated.

- Circle Pad / D-Pad for moving the monkey.
- Tap on buttons or press A for go through screens when needed.
- Start to pause the game
- Select to exit

Dunno why on Citra the sound doesn't play at all. On console should work but dspdump is needed.

Téléchargement :
(ELF/3DSX/CIA) : Evolution_Sav3D_Me v1.1.rar

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[3DS] Speaking is Hard 3DS v1.0[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

Manurocker95 propose la version 1.0 de "Speaking is Hard 3DS", sliding puzzle dans lequel il faudra réussir les puzzles proposés afin de mener à bien votre élection à Speaking City.


How to Play:

Speaking is Hard is a game where you are a candidate for becoming the president of Speaking City. You are in politic campaign and must say things right.
For doing so, you have to solve a simple puzzle. If you do it right, your campaign continues. If you fail, you must resign.


- Tap on buttons or press A to go through screens when needed.
- Tap on the tokens for moving them to solve the puzzle
- Press B for resign directly
- Press Y for Restart the puzzle (It will be shuffled again and you will lose 2 points)
- Press Select for exiting the game at any time
- Press Start for pausing the game

Debug Controls:

- Press L for showing FPS
- Press R for adding 10 points
- Press X for always beating the puzzle without depending on how it actual state is

What does it have:

- Custom Splash Screen
- Sound: dspdump is needed.
- A better done Stereoscopic 3D
- Data saved in /3ds/data/SpeakingIsHard3DS/data.sav
- Resources loaded from RomFS.
- Custom fonts and stuff
- Sprites and background animated by frames
- Some bugs I don't care so much right now xD
- Title Unique ID: 0xFAC7C

Bugs & Stuff:

- Some times it doesn't read the sentences properly from RomFS.
- Just have 3 sentences and 3 levels (It's a small game for a Game Jam I made alone, don't expect so much): I won't make this better, so check the source code if you want to see how I made it.
- Sentence and levels are selected randomly so it may be repetitive.

Téléchargement :
(3DSX/CIA) : v1.0.rar

Source :
Site Officiel :

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