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 Cid2Mizard [3DS] L'Abbaye Des Mort 3DS v1.0  le 20 Aoû 2017 19:08

 Cid2Mizard [3DS] Mr. Top Hat: Attack of The Space Junk v1.0  le 19 Aoû 2017 11:49

 Cid2Mizard [3DS] Meritous 3DS v1.4  le 15 Aoû 2017 18:34

 Cid2Mizard [3DS] Clock v1.1.1  le 15 Aoû 2017 9:01

 Cid2Mizard [3DS] stepedit v1.1.0  le 15 Aoû 2017 8:50

 Cid2Mizard [3DS] RTChanger v1.0  le 15 Aoû 2017 8:35

 Cid2Mizard [3DS] Craftus Reloaded v0.1  le 11 Aoû 2017 15:51

 Cid2Mizard [3DS] 3DShell v2.0 BETA  le 11 Aoû 2017 6:55

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 Cid2Mizard [3DS] ami² v2.0.0  le 09 Aoû 2017 7:52

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 Cid2Mizard [Wii] Tobende Tanz Tomaten  le 05 Aoû 2017 7:11

 Cid2Mizard [3DS] Papers Please 3DS​ v0.17  le 03 Aoû 2017 7:07

 Cid2Mizard [3DS] 3DSident v0.7.6  le 03 Aoû 2017 6:56

 Cid2Mizard [3DS] GodMode9 v1.2.8  le 03 Aoû 2017 6:48

 Cid2Mizard [NGC] RetroArch NGC v1.6.3  le 30 Juil 2017 7:37

 Cid2Mizard [Wii] RetroArch Wii v1.6.3  le 30 Juil 2017 7:35

 Cid2Mizard [3DS] RetroArch 3DS v1.6.3=>1.6.4  le 30 Juil 2017 7:33

 Cid2Mizard [NDS] no$gba v2.8f  le 24 Juil 2017 18:12

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[3DS] L'Abbaye Des Mort 3DS v1.0[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

nop90 propose la version 1.0 de "L'Abbaye Des Mort", portage du jeu de plate-forme / Exploration du même nom pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS.



L'Abbaye Des Mort (The Abbey of the Dead) is a minor project from the game designer and developer Locomalito, made in two weeks and just 23 screens long. L’Abbaye Des Morts is no less interesting due to the choice of making it similar to a ZX Spectrum game, specifically to platformers like Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy – but not as hard, luckily.

The source code of my port is on my github (
The compiled game (3dsx and CIA formats) is released on github (

Game by Locomalito: Open Sources and freeware

This 3ds port uses the SDL 1.2 library for 3ds


Ver. 1.0 (18 Aug 2017)
- First release in 3dsx and CIA format


In the zip there is a folder with the 3dsx and the smdh files inside, to be used with a homebrew launcher

The CIA file is to be installed with FBI. below there is a QR code to download the cia from FBI.

All the resources are included in the executable using romfs.

Téléchargement :
(3DSX/CIA) : Abbaye

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[3DS] Mr. Top Hat: Attack of The Space Junk v1.0[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

MrJPGames propose la version 1.0 de "Mr. Top Hat: Attack of The Space Junk", sympathique jeu de tirs spatiale pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS.


The gameplay is quite simple. All you have to do is to not get hit by random space junk flying around. To do this you can avoid them and shoot them. This will gradually become harder the longer you play as more junk will be on the screen at any given moment.

Movement can be controlled with the Circle pad, the D-Pad or the ABXY buttons for left handed people on O3DS. You can aim with the touchscreen, or use the C-Stick on New 3DS and New 2DS models. To shoot you can press or hold the L and or R buttons.

Téléchargement :

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[3DS] Meritous 3DS v1.4[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

nop90 propose la version 1.4 de "Meritous 3DS", portage du jeu d'aventure Dungeon Crawl "Meritous" pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS.

Far below the surface of the planet is a secret. A place of limitless power. Those that seek to control such a utopia will soon bring an end to themselves.

Seeking an end to the troubles that plague him, PSI user MERIT journeys into the hallowed Orcus Dome in search of answers.

If the game is too difficult for you, you can play in 'Wuss mode' for a far more sombre gaming experience.

Meritous is a cross between a top-view dungeon crawler and a bullet-hell shoot-em-up. In it, you control main character Merit, who travels through an enormous 3000-room labyrinth, the Orcus Dome, in order to find three artifacts called the PSI Keys, and restore them to their proper locations.

Although enemies fire copious amounts of bullets at you, you don't shoot back- instead, you have an attack called a PSI Circuit, which you charge up to unleash a shockwave that hits enemies and nullifies their shots.

As you charge up the PSI Circuit, target reticules appear on nearby enemies, the circle indicating they're in range, and the cross indicating you've charged up enough to damage or kill them.

You can't just use the PSI Circuit as often as you want, though. After releasing it, there's a cooldown time before you can charge up again, and the longer you charge up, the longer you have to wait.

Destroyed enemies leave behind PSI crystals you can use to upgrade three facets of your PSI Circuit- Circuit Charge (charge up faster), Circuit Refill (less cooldown time), and Reflect Shields.

When you have at least one level in Shields, a barrier is projected around Merit, which will deflect one bullet per shield level, before having to regenerate. As you upgrade Shields, the barrier becomes bigger, then shows multiple layers as it gets stronger.


3DSX Users: Currently, the 3DSX build needs to utilize a large app installed on your 3ds. If you have used any of the similarly large RetroArch emulators or ScummVM 3ds, you have nothing to worry about. The easiest target to use is the Youtube app, so if you have that installed, you're ready to go.

CIA Users: You will first need a DSP dump on your SD card.
This is a one-time process and is needed for all homebrew CIAs that use DSP audio.
The source code of my port is on my github (
The compiled game (3dsx and CIA format) is released on github (

The original source is by Lancer-X/ASCEAI (
The 3ds port is based on the code of the dingoo port by 31, that has resized screen to 320x240
This game uses the SDL 1.2 library for 3ds


Ver. 1.4 (12 Jul 2017)
- Fixed Endings and Credits text wrap
- Tuned maps scolling
- Compiled with fixed SDL lib that solves random missing sound starting the game (CIA format only)


In the zip there is a folder with the 3dsx, smdh and the xml (for target title selection) files inside, to be used with a homebrew launcher.

The CIA file is to be installed with FBI. To download and install the CIA with FBI you can use the QR code below.

All the resources are included in the executable using romfs.

The game creates a Meritous subfolder inside the 3ds folder if doesn't exist. Here will be stored the gamesave.
QR code for FBI


- D-pad: Move
- A: Select / use PSI
- B: Activate tiles
- X: Show artifacts
- Y: Show shield meters
- L: Open Help
- R: Open map
- Select: Exit
- Start: Pause

Téléchargement :
(3DSX/CIA) : Meritous_3ds

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[3DS] Clock v1.1.1[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

arc13 propose la version 1.1.1 de "Clock", horloge proposant également un chronomètre et agenda pour nintendo 2DS/3DS.


It's basically the clock and the calendar from the DS Lite menu on the top screen, with a stopwatch and a timer on the bottom screen.
Oh, and for the green color that you can see on the pseudo for example, it takes the color you set in the DS Profile.

Téléchargement :
(3DSX/CIA) : Clock

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[3DS] stepedit v1.1.0[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

moriczgergo propose la version 1.1.0 de "stepedit", éditeur du compteur de pas pour nintendo 2DS/3DS.



Increase/Decrease step counter for current hour


Q: The number on screen shows something different that my 3DS Menu shows.
A: With stepedit, you can set the current hour's steps, and that number will be displayed in the app.
Q: Why can't I go below zero?
A: The counter doesn't support signed integers. Walking backwards doesn't count as -1 step anyways.
Q: I have over 100 steps, but I don't have my play coins! Why is that?
A: Steps get redeemed every midnight, so if you want to receive your play coins, you need to wait until the next day, or set the date to the next day.

Téléchargement :
(3DS/3DSX/CIA/ELF) : stepedit

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[3DS] RTChanger v1.0[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

Storm Eagle propose "RTChanger", un outil très utile car il va vous permettre de changer le "Raw RTC" de votre nintendo 2DS/3DS.


Hey there. I saw that the only way of changing your RTC was through config, which was illegal to distribute. Much like with FBI and how it was the successor to Dev Menu, I took the time to develop an RTC tool, known as RTChanger, which is the successor to CONFIG in a sense. It allows users to bypass timegates in games! We finally have a redistributable tool which can do this after four years! ... es/tag/1.0

As per quoting my GitHub's README:

RTChanger is a homebrew application for the Nintendo 3DS system. RTChanger allows you to change the Raw RTC of your system. This is the only legally distributable open sourced lightweight Raw RTC changer! Changing the Raw RTC allows you to bypass most timegates in games.

There are many applications in different games as some games have more than one time gate.

# Timegates?

Let's take Pokemon Sun and Moon for an example. You want to train your Pokemon in Poke Pelago. That can take two days or more. Then you want to grow berries which can take days. You also want to do the daily lottery in Festival Plaza, too. Imagine with a new homebrew application, you no longer have to wait. That is now a reality, and RTChanger can manually change your time ahead by any value you want. Almost every timegate in 3DS games will ge gone and you'll be able to rapidly train your Pokemon, grow thousands of berries within an hour, and get tons of stuff by the lottery.

Here's a 3DBrew article on it, which is an extremely reputable source on this.

Please note that there are some timegates which RTChanger will not be capable of bypassing. Some timegates are server based, meaning the server keeps the time on their end, and RTChanger cannot bypass these as it's client-side only and there is no possibility of server-based timegate bypassing.

# What is the Raw RTC?

As you may have seen above in the 3DBrew link, your system has a special hidden clock inside that continues to move forward just like the regular clock and cannot be changed outside of normal circumstances. Upon booting, many games check for differences in the RTC (Your normal system clock) and Raw RTC. Games can detect whether you changed your system clock. However, changing the Raw RTC prevents the games from detecting that if done properly.

As a note, some people call it the Raw RTC, RTC, or hardware clock, but all of these are the same thing (except Nintendo refers to the System Clock which you can set as the `RTC`).

Téléchargement :
(3DSX/CIA) : RTChanger

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[3DS] Craftus Reloaded v0.1[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard
catlover007 propose une première ébauche de "Craftus Reloaded", clone de Minecraft pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS.


Craftus is a Minecraft clone for 3DS. This is a rewritten version of the one, I wrote a bit ago(for more infos see here for more infos

And it's finally there, probably the first piece of 3ds homebrew vapor ware is being released, prepare to be underwhelmed:D

Ok, to be serious. I finally implemented loading and saving the world into the rewritten version of Craftus. That means that it's almost on par with smeas 3dscraft(except theres only one block type and the world is flat, instead of being almost flat, but these things are easy to implement). The whole thing is more or less stable(see here:

So for those of you who are still reading this, you can download Craftus here:
Expect updates soon. I simply wanted to release this thing and now were the loading and saving, finally is implemented, it seemed like a good time to me.

When you find a bug, please report it and include the data visible on the bottom screen and your save file(can be found in the folder sdmc:/craftus/saves/TestWelt)

Téléchargement :
(3DSX) : craftusreloaded

Source :

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[3DS] 3DShell v2.0 BETA[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

Joel16 propose la version 2.0 BETA de "3DShell", gestionnaire de fichiers doté d'une interface graphique pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS.


3DShell (pronounced 3D-Shell) - is a multi-purpose file manager GUI for the Nintendo 3DS. The program is currently in its early stages and lacks many features that are currently in development. More information will be given once the program matures.


Storage bar (at the very top, just beneath the current working directory).
Precise battery percentage using mcu::hwc
Creating new folders
Renaming files
File deletion
Image preview (If the image is around 400 * 480 which is the size of both screens, the image will be split in half and displayed. Have a look at the screenshots below). Support for the following image formats. PNG, JPG, GIF[un-animated], (untested ->) HDR, PIC, PNM, PSD, TGA)
Zip file extraction.
Searching for directories (allows you to quickly visit a directory by clicking the search icon on the top right (bottom screen).)
File properties - let's you view info on current file/folder.
Screenshots - Hold L + R
Fast scroll - Use analog stick
CIA installer
File's time-stamp

Planned features:

Reading text files
Language support
MP3/WAV/OGG decoding etc.
Exploring CTRNAND
Online updater

3DShell v2.0 BETA

Major code refactoring, switched from SF2D -> C3D, with this 3DShell now has full control over handling graphics and is no longer dependent on third party libs.
The switch to C3D now uses system font, therefore unicode rendering is natively supported which allows languages with symbols to be used in a future update.
Fixed FTP crash when FTP is enabled more than once in one run.
Fixed FTP not displaying error message when WiFi is not enabled.
Merged upstream changes from FTPD.
You can use the 'select' button as a short-cut for quickly enabling/disabling FTP services.
Gallery can now view BMP image formats. (Example: luma screenshots)
Refactored screenshot code now generates screenshots in the following format -> Screenshot_YearMonthDay-Num.bmp
Screenshots are now written in BMP format. With this there is almost no delay when taking screenshots. (Reminder: [L + R] to take screenshots)
Slightly improved WiFi icon textures.
CTRNAND is now accessible with certain limitations to prevent user from tampering with their device. (Use the key icon next to SD)
More use of native FS User functions, recursive deletion is now handled using the 3DS's FS services.
Set file->size flag in dirscan instead of opening the file and then obtaining its size.
Display image icon for BMP files.
Set theme manager to only select themes that are in a directory.
Compiled with the latest version of devkitARM (r47) and Citro3D.
With a bunch of refactoring also comes a bunch of cleaning up, code consistency, etc. (Also took some measures to prevent buffer overflow, thanks gcc 7.1.0)

Téléchargement :
(3DSX/CIA) : 3DShell v2.0

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[3DS] Papers Please 3DS​ v0.19[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

Creckeryop propose la vervion 0.19 de "Papers Please 3DS", sympathique démo technique pour la nintendo 2DS/3DS.


About that TechDemo:
It's just a TechDemo made on LUA (lpp3ds made by @Rinnegatamante)
This TechDemo was made to get experience in Drag & Drop programming


Randomize data
Drag and drop
Closing cage
Watching riding car in right side of map
Flipping through a rule book
small Invalid data Generator(New!)
Scores (just for check)

Drag and Drop - move papers
STICK - move upper camera
A - Randomize data
R - Open/Close cage
L - Screenshot
Start - Menu
Select(Hold) - TechMenu​


Changes :

Added Audio Transcript
Now each dialog bubble will hide after 3 second after appearing
Now RuleBook and AudioTranscript will appear in start
Slightly reduced chance of correct documents
Updated Duration Generator for Dialog system (+ Variety of dialogues)
Fixed Non-Matching photo
Fixed Give function
Dialog will hide if shutter'll be closed
Added a option in TechMenu
Width of TechMenu changed to maximum
Changed speed of Walking animation
Minor fixes


Changes :

Added settings (only in code)
Added New Font for Digits
Added Hour and Minute hands
Added ModelOf3DS check
Added DateGenerator()
Added Invalid expiration date
Minor Fixes

Téléchargement :
(ELF/3DSX/CIA) : PapersPlease-3DS

Source :
Site Officiel :

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[3DS] amibac v1.1.0[Edit]

Posté par: Cid2Mizard

moriczgergo propose la version 1.1.0 de "amibac" , utilitaire permettant de sauvegarder / Restaurer vos amiibos, pour nintendo 2DS/3DS.


amibac is an easy tool to backup and restore your Amiibos.


Backup and Restore your Amiibos
Duplicate an Amiibo Use ami2.



Copy app to SD and start up.
Scan your Amiibo.
Remove it from the scanner when you're instructed to.
Press Y to scan again.
Repeat until you scanned all the Amiibos you wanted.
Hold B to exit.
(Optional) Copy the backup folder in the amiibo folder in your SD card to a safe place.


Insert your SD card into your PC/Mac.
Go into the amiibo folder.
Create a restore folder inside it.
Copy the amiibo's file that you want to restore from the backup folder to the restore folder. (You can copy all files if you don't know which file is which.)
Run the app.
Hold A, and scan Amiibo. (Do not release A!)
Remove the Amiibo from the scanner when you're instructed to.
Release A.
Hold B to exit.


Run the app.
Scan source Amiibo.
Press Y to scan again.
Scan destination Amiibo.
Make note of Amiibo IDs displayed on screen with green.
Insert your SD card into your PC/Mac.
Go into amiibo folder.
Create restore folder if doesn't exist.
Copy the source Amiibo's file (filename: "appdata_<id>.bin w/o brackets) into the restore folder.
Rename the Amiibo file in the restore folder to match the destination Amiibo's ID. (filename: "appdata_<id>.bin" w/o brackets)
Run the app.
Hold down A, do not release
Scan destination Amiibo.
Release A.
Hold B to exit.


Fix screenshots
Add a GUI instead of Console
Test if it works with NoAmii (∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆゚

Téléchargement :
(3DSX) : amibac

Source :

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